Honeymoon Wish List + Nordstrom Sale

Sandals (run small - size up 1/2 size) | Lip Gloss | Swing Dress
Bracelets: Lily and Laura (handmade by women in Nepal - found here & here online, purchased locally at Staxx & 5 Pound Apparel)

My wish list and shopping purchases this month have all been wedding or honeymoon related! We're spending most of our honeymoon in NYC, so I've been buying lots of fun things to wear there that I might not normally wear in a small town in Missouri ;) I can't wait to share all of my outfits with you from my trip, but they'll include the lace romper above, that amazing swing dress, the striped cami, crop tops with skater skirts and high-waisted shorts, and lots of sandals and cross body bags. I wanted fun, cute things that were also functional for hot weather and lots of walking around the city (cannot wait to explore). In additional the adorable studded sandals above, I also bought these crazy comfy gladiator sandals that are super on sale right now. To top off my outfits I'll add low key extras like my bundles of Lily and Laura beaded bracelets (perfect for layering with other things) and an easier-than-lipstick tinted gloss.


I also wanted to share that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicked off to the public today! This is Nordstrom's biggest sale of the year where they place new fall and pre-fall merch on crazy discount. I've shared my favorites from the sale below, and you'll notice that many of them are higher-ticket items that I normally share on my [poor girl] blog. However, this sale is a good time to buy quality investment pieces you've been eying for awhile (for me, probably some black riding boots).



  1. LOVE that dress!!! Can't wait to see how you style it!

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