Unfortunate Blog Hiatus / When in San Francisco...

Top (on sale + extra 60% off) | Jeans | Similar Hat | Bag (similar in blush) | Sunnies | Bracelet

Yesterday was a pretty up-and-down day. We arrived in San Francisco yesterday morning and spent the day exploring the city and just taking it in. We drove and then hiked up to an incredible lookout point (where the above photo was taken), and it was spectacular. It was so high up that the view of the bridge and city, and also hills and ocean on the other side, was pretty mind-blowing (check out my snapchat for some photos and videos - username: jacylenore)! 

Unfortunately in the evening our car was broken into and we had a lot stolen. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the car was unharmed other than a bashed window, but Trey and I lost several thousand dollars of stuff. Including my camera and laptop, lots of clothes and accessories, and other electronics. Why am I sharing this? Because it will probably change things on the blog for awhile, and because I hope the lessons we learned will spare one of you from this situation someday. Here's what we're learning through this situation and what I wanted to share with you... 

  • Don't leave anything in your car in a big city, especially with out-of-state plates. We didn't have any items blatantly laying out, but you could see that there were bags in the car by looking in the windows. We're staying outside of the city and didn't want to drive out to the hotel and then drive back in for dinner. We were so tired and distracted that we very stupidly were not thinking about the risk and how much of a target we were. I'm usually an extremely cautious person safety-wise, but in Missouri you can be so trusting and careless of what's in your car. All my girls out there - especially Midwest girls - you can never be too cautious! 
  • You have to focus on the positives. No one was hurt, the car wasn't stolen, and many things were not taken. It truly could have been so much worse. A couple of positives... We are going shopping today! Truly out of necessity in this situation, but shopping nonetheless haha. And, hopefully through insurance I will get a new laptop, which I desperately needed anyway. Ultimately, we're on vacation in California, which is pretty great.
  • At the end of the day it's just stuff! Yes, I cried. Multiple times. And I feel so shaken up still. But, material possessions are so meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Everything except photos and documents can be replaced. When Trey and I finally got in bed late last night we talked about how thankful we were for our safety and that we have each other to go through hard times with.             

Since I don't have a laptop or camera right now I probably won't be able to post much. This makes me really really sad. Not only do I love working on posts in general, but I've been planning and saving up my new clothes and best outfits to shoot on this trip. Thankfully I still have my phone, so I'll be posting about our trip and tons of outfits on my Instagram if you'd like to follow along there. I'll get some posts up on blog as much as I can with borrowed computers and the best iphone snaps I can get. Hopefully, we'll have a better idea later today of when we'll be reimbursed for technology items.

Thank you for making this blog such a wonderful thing for me. I love blogging and pour my heart into it, but what makes this place especially great is how many wonderful people I've met through here and what a positive place it is. I get to share my love of styling and fashion, and get to create a positive environment for women whom I have found so much in commong with! Just bear with me as blog posts will be a little few and far between for awhile :)



Favorite At-Home Workouts

 Tank: Old Navy | Leggings: Nike (similar pair that I want!) | Pullover: Old Navy
Shoes: Nike (sizes available here & here; go down 1/2 size) | Sports Bra: Target (similar)

This is a different type of look for me to post, but I spend a lot of time in workout clothes! Usually when I get home from work I want to change into the comfiest clothes I can find + I try to workout at least 3 evenings a week. To be honest, I'm not really the type to dress up on a Saturday to go to Wal-mart either, so cute, easy workout clothes are a must for me!

As for actually working out, I'm trying to get back in the groove of it and figure out how to do it on my own. Mizzou has one of the best rec centers in the country, plus I walked across a huge campus multiple times a day, so I always stayed quite active in college. Last year I had a gym membership that included amazing classes, so those kept me motivated and in great shape. Then I got married and moved... I don't have a gym membership anymore and haven't found any classes here that I love so far, so I've been trying a lot of different workouts at home and figuring out a routine that works for me! For those of you who have to workout at home or simply prefer it (I do for the most part), I wanted to share some workouts I've been doing that are helping me tone back up and get more fit!

     -Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide: If you don't follow Kayla on Instagram you definitely should. She's such a positive role model for health, and the makeovers from her plan are pretty amazing. I have her Bikini Body Guide, and the workouts are only 28 minutes, but they're pretty stinkin hard! However, they definitely work and I like that I can work hard and get in a good workout super quick. I don't 100% follow her plan because I like to mix up my workouts, but I've been doing about 2 of her workouts each week and they definitely make a big difference. [Helpful hint: Her book is actually an ebook that you download as a PDF, meaning that you can split the cost with a friend if you need to and simply email the PDF to the other person. I went in on it with a friend and it was the best $30 I've spent!]

     -Tone It Up Youtube videos: I love Tone It Up workouts! Their videos are typically between 12 and 15 minutes long and span a lot of different workout types and areas to target, so they're great if you want to mix and match and really customize what you do that day. I will usually pick 2 or 3 videos and do them all in a row.

     -Ballet Beautiful Classic 60 Minute Workout: This is totally the type of workout that looks and feels super easy at first but ends up totally killing you. I spent so many years dancing, that I love dance-inspired workouts. Mary Helen Bowers, the former professional ballerina who created this method, trains several Victoria's Secret Angels and her focus is to tone your muscles while making them longer and leaner (definitely my style).

All of these are 100% doable at home and require minimal equipment! I have a yoga mat and a couple of pairs of dumbbells, and I've been able to get by with those. That being said, I want to buy some more equipment soon (a kettle bell and foam roller are next on my list), but I've been able to workout very effectively with what little I have, so I promise you can too! Let me know if you have any questions about any of this :)



Vacation Packing List

Cutoffs | Necklace | Sandals (just sold out, but love these) | Cotton Top

I can't believe we leave for California on Saturday! I am so stinkin excited. On our trip we'll be driving to San Francisco for my cousin's wedding, then driving down the coast to spend the rest of our time in southern California. Trey and I have never been to San Francisco before, so what recommendations do you have for us?? Places to eat, things to see and do? We'll get a couple of days there to explore! Most of the rest of our time will be in the San Diego area where my family used to live, and where our extended family still lives. It's definitely my happy place, so I can't wait to get back there. We'll be gone almost two weeks when you count the driving time, so I have a lot to pack and have been planning my packing list for a few weeks now. I'm one of those people that stresses the heck out right before a trip and goes into a packing frenzy, so I've found that if I start a packing list with outfit ideas ahead of time, it is extremely helpful for me. Here is the gist of my list...

-Versatile sundresses and rompers (I bought the exact black one above so I can mix and match it)
-A cross-body bag (or two) for exploring days, and a beach tote for shopping and of course the beach (I got this tote in white for $15)
-A couple of different hats to a) protect my face from the sun and b) pull outfits together and allow me to spend less time on my hair (always great, especially on vacation)
-Some fun and colorful jewelry that can add a statement to a simple little black or white dress (being able to take something from day-to-night is extra great on vacation) 
-Comfy cute clothes for all of our road-tripping. Comfort is definitely the priority, but we'll be stopping to sight-see a bit so I don't want to look like the complete mess that I usually do. These shorts will be perfect.
-A couple of nicer dresses for the wedding and any dressier dinners that come up (I'm going to try to only bring one pair of heels to save room, but we shall see how that pans out)
-Two swimsuits and something I can use for a cute coverup
-A couple of new books to read on the beach and the drive (except that I get super carsick). Anything I should pick up to read?
-Tees, tanks and shorts mostly within one color family. I like to kind of plan a color palette for trips because then I can mix and match as I feel like on the trip. I hate when you plan a specific outfit before a trip and then hate it that day. So, I'm bringing a grouping of pieces that can all work together so I can be flexible!
-The perfect denim shorts are essential for a summer vacation in my opinion. I found these cutoffs from H&M (I got the light blue) and they are perfection for $20. They're high-waisted and not too too short, so they're exactly what I was looking for.
-A few pairs of sunglasses (I bought the blue ones above and they're so cute!) and a small handful of bracelets and earrings that I can mix and match
-A pair of jeans, a light sweater or two, and my denim jacket for chilly San Fran and even San Diego nights (I'm always surprised by how cool SD gets in the evenings)
-A few pairs of flat sandals and even some sneakers (I'm thinking my Converse and Nike Roshes). I just got the blush lace-up sandals in the collage but they just sold out! They're absolutely amazing though. I'll be stalking H&M's site so I can let you know when/if they come back in stock.

I think that's about it! I should really start packing tonight so I don't stress myself out tomorrow night, but we'll see how that goes ;) I'm the world's worst procrastinator!