Tips for Hydrated Summer Hair

How to keep your hair hydrated in the summer

It can definitely be hard to keep your hair hydrated in the summer with all of the heat and sun exposure, especially if you color it! Ever since I've been blonde my hair has definitely been dryer overall, but I've been figuring out how to keep it hydrated, healthy and shiny regardless. I thought I would share a few tips that have worked well for me this summer! 

Deep Condition Every 1-2 Weeks
My hair is definitely healthier when I remember to do a deep conditioning treatment every one or two weeks! I don't usually have the time or patience to do a full-blown mask outside of the shower, but I'll use a deep conditioner in the shower while I shave my legs and such to repair damage and hydrate my hair. 

Tips for Hydrated Summer Hair

Incorporate Healthy Fats into your Diet
Since adding more healthy fats into my diet this summer I've seen a HUGE difference in my hair and skin! I aim to eat lots of salmon, avocados, eggs and almonds each week and cook with organic olive oil, avocado oil and ghee. I also started taking a fish oil supplement daily and that's helped too! My hair is healthy and growing, and my skin is definitely plumper (and glowing)!

Wear Your Hair Up a Few Days a Week
I used to heat style my hair pretty much every day, but now that I've realized the magic of top knots, I wear my hair up at least 3 days a week. I think it definitely helps to give my hair a break from my straightener and curling wand. Now I just need to get better at braiding!

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer - infuses moisture into your hair as you dry it

Update Your Hair Dryer
I used to rarely use a hair dryer because they would dry out my hair so badly, but the past couple of months I've been using the Panasonic EH-NA65 Nanoe Hair Dryer and I cannot believe how smooth and hydrated it leaves my hair. This hair dryer uses nanoe technology to infuse moisture into your hair while you blow dry, rather than drying it out. It uses nanoe ions, which retain approximately 1,000 times more moisture than a regular negative ion, so as you blow dry your hair it becomes smoother, shinier and more hydrated. These nanoe ions are so tiny that they can actually penetrate your hair and add moisture! I thought it was too good to be true, but my hair is truly so soft and shiny after using this hair dryer!

I also love that it comes with three attachments: a diffuser for curly or wavy hair, a quick-dry nozzle for an extra fast blow dry, and a concentrated nozzle for sleek blow-outs (what I used above). I had only used a standard hair dryer before, so these attachments have been fun to play with and have helped me learn how to style my hair in new ways!

And you know what else is great about it? You can purchase your own Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer at my favorite store 🙌It's available in select Target stores and on


Do you have any tips or products you swear by for keeping your hair hydrated, especially in the summer?  

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Panasonic. The opinions and text are all mine.

7 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

summer bucket list / Lulus stripe jumpsuit

Whoa, I cannot believe summer is flying by as fast as it is! Though most of us work year-round and the buildup to summer isn’t as exciting as it used to be, I still get so excited for the summer months, the sundresses and warm weather, and the unique things you can do. 

Before fall arrives, I wanted to make a little list of fun and/or positive things we can all do to celebrate the end of summer!

7 Things to Do Before Summer Ends
stripe jumpsuit with low back

Spend Some Time by the Water
This is obviously different for all of us since I can’t make it to the ocean this month, but I want to squeeze in one or two more lake days or at least lay by a pool for a bit to soak up some warm sunshine (with spf of course). If you live near a beach, please take advantage on behalf of the rest of us! 

Try a New Spot for Date Night
Whether it’s a date with your significant other or a get-together with friends, pick a spot you’ve been wanting to try! Trey and I can sometimes be bad about visiting our old favorites over and over, but lately we’ve been trying to branch out and try new places and new activities. 

Do a Closet Clean-out
I love to do a seasonal closet cleanout when I evaluate what I didn’t wear that season. I always donate a large portion, but I also sell some pieces on Poshmark (username @lovelenore) and have done local Facebook sales as well (with great success). It always feels nice to enter a new season with a clean closet! This may not necessarily be a “fun” activity, but it will make you feel so good moving into the fall!

cute striped jumpsuit
wide leg jumpsuit with platform sandals

Spend an Evening on Your Patio 
We love to take a night here & there to hangout on our back porch. We’ll grill our dinner, share a bottle of wine, and either listen to music or watch a tv show on the ipad. It’s so fun to sit outside with our cute lights and potted plants, just enjoying each other’s company and soaking up a warm summer evening. If you don’t have a patio of your own, check out a local brewery or winery’s patio. Bonus points if there’s live music!

Read a Just-for-Fun Book
I’ll be honest, I don’t read as often as I would like and when I do read it’s often a nutrition or health type of book. I always say I’m “too busy” and most of my time is spent with a computer in front of my face. If you’re someone who reads all the time then this idea probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you’re like me and have a stack of books on your “must read” list, pick one up and allow yourself some time to relax and read for fun!  

striped jumpsuit

Make Homemade Sushi
Trey and I recently tried our hands at homemade sushi, and it was actually so good! We definitely need more practice, but it was fun to do together as an at-home date night, and we got our sushi fix for a lot less money than it would have been to go out. We ordered a sushi making kit off of Amazon, and then looked up some recipes and tutorials.  

Be a Tourist in Your Own Area
I need to follow my own advice, because there are so many great things to do in our area that Trey and I have never taken the time to do! Usually when we’re off of work we just want to be home (I’m the biggest homebody), but when we do decide to explore a new activity we always have fun together. A couple of things on my list are to explore some state parks that are within 1-2 hours of driving, and to visit a large aquarium in a neighboring city!

jumpsuit: c/o Lulu's  |  sandals  |  earrings  |  similar bags here & here

What’s on your list of things to do before the end of summer?? Let me know below!

My Journey to Body Positivity

my journey to body positivity

On my journey toward living a happier, healthier life, I can’t help but to think back on how far I’ve come in the past 12 years. I would be lying if I said I’ve always had it together and been focused on my health, because that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it’s a bit scary to open up about, I know it’s time to share my journey with you and get it all out there...

Outdoor Voices workout set
Outdoor Voices high-waisted leggings and bra top

My issues with food started early on in high school. Not only was I a dancer and staring at my reflection in a leotard every day, but I also became obsessed with high fashion and the modeling industry around this time. Next thing I knew I was 15-years-old and obsessed with being bone skinny. I remember starting a secret food journal where I wrote down every calorie I ate. I remember eating a half sandwich for lunch (no cheese or mayo! Just mustard for a condiment) with an apple or orange and then counting out 5-6 Wheat Thins for my “treat.” I was dancing hours and hours every day, yet was restricting my calories like crazy. 

I fluctuated between eating habits and body sizes throughout high school and college--sometimes restricting my calories like crazy, sometimes binge-eating junk food and drinking too. I would go through periods where I would workout like crazy on the elliptical and periods where I wouldn’t workout at all. My weight fluctuated over the years, but how I felt did not; No matter what size I was, I wasn’t happy with how I looked or felt. I had zero energy or motivation, my stomach hurt all the time, and my extreme perfectionism was making me feel crazy and anxious.

It sucked.   

After college and into my first few years of being married I stopped caring about my weight and we ate out lots and didn’t work out much at all. It was a much-needed break from obsessing over my body, but I still wasn’t feeling good or living a healthy lifestyle. The pendulum had swung the opposite direction and I was letting myself go. It was only last summer that my interests in nutrition and wellness finally caught fire. 

So what changed?

Outdoor Voices 7/8 springs leggings and Athena crop

I started listening to podcasts and reading books about nutrition and fitness and all-around wellness and self-care. I found that the more I learned about the human body and how to take care of it, the more I wanted to care for myself! Education was and is key! I gradually started to think of food as fuel, rather than something that made me “skinny” or “fat.” I stopped weighing myself because it was a trigger for me. I began to workout to strengthen my body, lengthen my life and relieve stress, rather than to “get skinny.” I realized that I needed to care for myself (including my mind) to achieve a truly healthy life. 

Today I’m grateful to report that I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been! I strive for a balanced approach toward food and fitness, and it’s been such a weight off of my shoulders to find that balance. It hasn’t been a smooth road over the years, but now I’m thankful for the experiences I had because they make me fully appreciate where I’m at today. Those experiences fuel my passion for wellness, and help me relate to girls who have gone through similar experiences. 

Outdoor Voices bra top & leggings

I do want to say that I couldn’t have done it alone. From my friend Haley who always made sure I was eating in high school, to my ballet teacher Val who pulled me aside after class one night to talk….my husband Trey who has always encouraged me and loved me regardless, my friend Jo who is my daily accountability buddy, and my little sister Tess who has always been a healthy mentor to me…I couldn’t have done it without them! If you’re struggling with an eating disorder or something related, please don’t do it alone. Let someone in. I know how hard that is because you want to keep it a secret and control the situation, but telling someone is the best thing you can do.  

I don’t love every part of my body or love myself fully every hour of every day, but I’m getting there. I’m learning to accept myself for who I am, while also continually striving to be better and healthier. Overall, I have newfound self confidence and work every day to view myself in a positive light. 

Thank you for giving me this safe and supportive platform to share, and thank you for reading about my journey. If you ever need to talk, please let me know. Much love! xx 

July Loves

cute satin pajama set under $25

Favorite Purchase - Satin PJ Set
Last week I shared some pretty pajamas that don't break the bank, and ended up purchasing this set and this nightshirt from the post! I'm happy to report that both are wonderful, especially for the price! 
Leon and George tabletop plant in mid-century modern planter
Favorite Home Decor Addition
Leon and George sent this beautiful plant + planter to me in the mail (so cool right??) and I've finally found my perfect dining room table centerpiece! I love having as many plants around the house as possible and am approaching plant lady territory!

drugstore beauty favorites

Beauty Products [drugstore edition]

Witch hazel helps with acne and oiliness, is super soothing to sensitive skin, and is really refreshing + de-puffing. I love the subtle rose scent and use this toner both in the morning and at night! It's my new favorite skincare product!

I picked this up at the drugstore on a whim, but it's such a lovely product! It blends easily (I just use my finger tip), has a really pretty glow, and lasts all day! As much as I love doing a full eyeshadow look, sometimes it's nice to have a quick option that's equally pretty.

I've written about this before, but just picked it up again when I ran out of my beloved Brow Whiz by Anastasia of Beverly Hills, and it's SO GOOD. It really is a perfect dupe!

This is another drugstore product I've returned to, and it's my favorite summer foundation! It's lightweight but builds to full coverage and also doesn't get weird if you sweat. I buy the combination/oily version, but they also make one for dry skin! 

July Highlight
Celebrating four years of marriage with this cutie! I'm looking forward to a quick getaway this weekend to celebrate!

Favorite Reads
One of my blogging friends, Kaitlyn, has an amazing lifestyle + wellness website, and I loved her recent post 10 Healthy Habits that Changed my Life

On my Wish List

How (and why) I Became a More Positive Person

How I Became a More Positive Person
I used to be a Negative Nelly. No joke. I whined all the time, I found myself depressed and moody, I didn’t feel good, and looking back on that time in my life I just wasn’t the happy, positive, kind person I strive to be today. I think part of it was diet and lifestyle, part was not knowing how to take care of myself, but most of it was my mindset. I wasn’t putting in the effort to be positive or happy. So what changed?

When I met Trey I was blown away by how positive he was. He would go through adversity without getting down. He handled things with perspective and a positive outlook. I was blown away. 

I started to evaluate my life and how negative I was about the smallest of things. I didn’t like these qualities in other people, so why would I want to be like that? When I looked at the people who inspired me the most they had positive attitudes, and rarely complained. I had a pivotal moment in life where I decided I wanted to be more like this, and less like the negative, unhappy person I had been most of my life... I decided to change my entire outlook. 

Read on to see what I’ve done differently since then...

white high-waisted bikini // styled shoot with citrus
white high-waisted bikini
I’ve put in the effort to be positive.
I quickly learned that positivity is a daily choice. It’s not something you’re born’s something you decide on and then work at. I started making myself evaluate situations and then find the good. I discovered what made me happier and calmer and did more of those things. I became more self-aware to help keep myself from complaining incessantly. 

I’ve surrounded myself with positive people.
Over the years I’ve gotten more selective with who I have in my close circle. Positive people only please! We’ve all had that friend who drags us down, and honestly life is too short to get sucked into someone else’s negativity. Surrounding yourself with positive people and role models is one of the best things you can do in life - at least in my opinion. Out with the bad, in with the good. 

I’ve established better routines.
As menial as it sounds, creating better morning and nighttime routines has helped me feel more calm and happy in life. Even if my day is absolute craziness, I take at least 10 minutes every morning to quietly ease into the day by myself. I get my head right, I take part in activities I enjoy (hot water with lemon, reading or writing, diffusing essential oils, listening to a podcast), and fill my introvert’s cup. Instead of jumping straight into stress by rushing through my morning, I start my day with positive intention. At night I enjoy my skincare routine and getting into bed with Trey and the dogs. I no longer look at my phone in bed, and it’s become a peaceful + positive oasis for me. These routines put me in a better, more positive headspace! 

white bikini + a pretty hair scarf
styled shoot with a grapefruit
dress up a swimsuit with a hair scarf
Where am I today? Positivity is something I have to continually work at. I’ve learned it’s a daily choice. I think I’m still a complainer by nature, especially when I’m talking to someone I’m comfortable with. But I’m always working to be self-aware and recognize when I’m being negative. I try to step back and look at situations with a positive outlook and make sure I’m keeping things in perspective. I try to start each day with positivity. And it all adds up! 

Any former whiners out there? What do you do to be a more positive person?

- - - - - - -

bikini c/o LA Hearts  |  hair scarf  |  hoop earrings

photos by Jo Johnson Photo