How to Break Out of a Bad Mood

How to wear a linen dress in the fall
Oversized cardigan over a dress

Sometimes I find myself in a straight up bad mood and I HATE feeling that way. Generally I think (and hope) I'm a pretty agreeable, cheerful person, but sometimes stress wears on me or PMS kicks my butt. Obviously no one wants to be around me when I'm grouchy, and I highly dislike myself for it too, so I try to break out of a bad mood as quickly as possible! Here are some tips I swear by:   

Set Aside a Day or at Least an Evening for Yourself

With my busy schedule and ongoing guilt about downtime this is hard for me to do, but sometimes it’s just essential. Beyond sleep, our bodies and minds need time to simply rest. To just "be." A little self care and relaxation go a long way! If I’m having an anxiety-ridden day or week, I’ll try to set aside an evening where I don’t open my laptop and simply eat dinner, read or watch TV, put on a face mask, and just rest.

Schedule a Workout 
When I’m grumpy, anxious or tired the last thing I want to do is workout. I usually want to curl up on my couch under a blanket and binge-watch TV. And while that’s definitely okay and even healthy to do sometimes (see above), most of the time I know I would be better off doing a workout first. Almost always once I’m working out the endorphins and sense of accomplishment kick in, and I feel SO much better about myself.

Don’t Hold it in

I’m definitely guilty of bottling up my stress and emotions because I don’t want to burden anyone...but then that can end up in an anxiety attack or tears later on. Not the best way to go about things! Sometimes we do need a little bit of outside encouragement or to just talk things out. This is when I talk to Trey or call my friend Jo or my mom.

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How to take a dress from summer to fall

Soak up Some Vitamin D and Fresh Air
Sometimes a sunny day can completely turn my week around, and I thrive off of Vitamin D (while also protecting my skin). Sometimes a quick walk or just sitting outside is super calming and positive. Often when I get super stressed at work I take a walk down the block and back while doing some deep breathing, and it helps me so much! Take a few minutes to let the sun warm your skin and take some deep breaths of fresh air, all while getting off of your phone for a bit!

Listen to Music or Podcast
Sometimes my “relax” playlist or a funny podcast episode are just the distractions I need to break out of a bad mood. Or heck, sometimes I need to blast some rap music through the house and dance like an idiot! Whatever it takes!

Eat Some Mood-Boosting Foods
Food can absolutely affect our moods and how we feel! Some amazing mood-boosting foods include nuts, fish, berries, leafy greens and colorful vegetables, and my favorite...dark chocolate!

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Dress (c/o Lulu's)  |  Sweater: Anthropologie in-store  |  Ankle Boots  |  Hat

3 Things I Swear by with a Busy Schedule

Natori "Flora" Bra

Balancing a full-time job with my blog and a photography business makes life pretty chaotic at times, but it also keeps things exciting! I often get asked how I do it all, and it’s something I’m continually trying to figure out and get better at. What I do know at this point is that I try to be as efficient and organized as possible, which doesn’t come naturally to me. As I’m getting better at navigating it all, I thought I would share a few things I swear by with a busy schedule…

Natori "Flora" bra

The Right Undergarments
This may be an unexpected tip, but after years of hating and fussing with my undergarments, it’s a relief to finally have go-to pieces I can put on in the morning and not think about the rest of the day.

Working full time in PR and having two side hustles means I wear a lot of hats, but I try to do it all with grace. It’s important to me to feel good in what I’m wearing as I transition between roles and outfits throughout the day. When I purchased my first Natori bra last fall it was such a relief - I had finally found a bra that actually fit me. But beyond that, it was gorgeous and laid nicely under all of my clothing - no gapping, no bumps and lumps, no more ugly, plain designs. I was so excited that a few weeks later I bought one for my sister for Christmas! Now I’ve expanded my collection and I wear a Natori bra nearly every day. I have two of the Feathers design and also have the Flora (worn above), and love them equally (and they're so, so pretty). This makes getting dressed each day so much easier because I know my bra will be great under all of my outfits! Whether I’m at the office, taking blog photos or photographing a client, it’s nice to know my bra will take me through my entire day.

My Google Calendar
As much as I love my physical planner, I honestly couldn’t do all of this without my Google calendar (although I put it off for quite awhile). My work calendar is through Google, and now that I've moved everything else over I like that I can also have my personal calendar, work calendar, blog calendar and photography calendar combined in one place! I’ve found it’s the best way for me to keep track of everything because I always have my phone with me. Adopting this method has been key for efficiency and good planning!

The bra that works under everything

Meal Planning
I’m no wizard at this (I know there are people out there who have everything planned out for the week down to their Thursday afternoon snack), but I’ve found that putting in a little time on the weekend to plan our meals for the week not only saves me time each day, but also helps us eat healthier. For example, if I have a photo session after work one day, then I know I need to have a meal planned that’s extra quick and easy or to plan a slow cooker meal. For my breakfasts and lunches I keep my fridge and pantry stocked with smoothie ingredients, eggs, salad fixings, and other basics I can mix and match quickly to put together a meal (check out my ‘clean eating’ highlights tab on my Instagram to see some breakfast and lunch ideas). 

I’ll do a dedicated post on this soon, but when meal planning I look at our schedules for the week, decide which nights I can realistically cook, and then plan a variety of meals from there. I like to do my meal planning and grocery shopping on Sundays for the most part so that I can enter a new week with a game plan and stocked fridge. Putting in a little time on the weekend makes my whole week run much, much smoother!


What are some of your favorite tips for navigating a busy schedule?? 

Thank you to Natori for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest and completely my own. And thank you to my readers for supporting brands I genuinely love and dream of working with.  

Why You Need a Wellness Accountability Partner

Outdoor Voices workout sets
Jo and I are both wearing Outdoor Voices

One of my favorite things about 2018 so far has been having a wellness accountability partner in my friend Jo! I’ve made so many healthy changes (both mentally and physically) this year, and I can owe a lot of that to having an accountability partner and several encouragers in my life. Whether it’s a friend, your partner, a family member or a trainer or health coach, I’m a big believer in accountability partners and here’s why:

Outdoor Voices
They’re Someone to Share your Wellness Goals With
I think it’s really important to put your goals out into the world, and sharing them with your accountability partner is a great (and non-scary) way to do that! Maybe your goal is to reduce your amount of stress, or to build more lean muscle, or to increase how many veggies you eat in a day - regardless, put it out there! Vocalizing your goal makes it real and puts you into action. Instead of thinking about doing something, you’ve shared your goal, which is a great kick-start.

Share your goals with someone you trust who can then follow up with you on your progress and encourage you as you meet those goals!

They’re Someone to be Active with You (and/or cheer you on)
Jo and I are long-distance friends, but fortunately with smart phones at our fingertips it’s easy to hold ourselves accountable to be active! However, if your accountability partner is local you can also schedule active activities together!

One of my favorite things to do when I catch up with friends is to go on a walk or hike together. Not only do you get plenty of time to talk Real Housewives or have a serious life conversation, but you are also getting in some movement and enjoying nature at the same time (instead of your couch and a bag of candy).

If you’ve been nervous to try a new workout class, signup with a friend! Classes are really fun when you have someone by your side to laugh with and figure things out with.

If your accountability partner isn’t local, then you still have someone you can text or call about your activity of choice! Sometimes I need a push from Trey or a friend to get up and workout, and I also love getting to report that I got in a good workout.

They’re Someone to Text your Food Diary to
I’ve made some significant changes to my diet this year, and honestly don’t think I could have done it without Jo or my sister! Jo and I each tried a Keto-ish reset at the same time and texted one another our food diaries every single day! She’s also helped me piece together that sugar intake is a huge contributor to my acne. While Jo and I don’t exchange our food diaries every day right now, at times this has been vital for us in implementing healthy changes. Having to show someone what you ate in a day definitely helps you to make healthier choices too! Suddenly that 5pm post-work junk food binge doesn’t seem like a good idea.

They’re Encouragers
We can always use a little more encouragement in our lives, #amiright?? Last night Trey and I went to bed early and I felt guilty for not staying up and working, but Jo encouraged me to just go to bed and get some sleep! Whether it’s someone who can say “wow, you incorporated so many veggies today!” or “I’m glad you made a little time to de-stress and take care of yourself this evening,” it’s so helpful. Some days it’s hard to make healthy choices and some days stress us out to the max, but having someone who can send you a healthy reminder or a little bit of encouragement is priceless. And, having someone to celebrate milestones with you makes the journey even sweeter!

Have you ever had a wellness accountability partner? Do you believe it makes a difference?

Also, if there was a service where you could pay an affordable monthly amount for an accountability partner or health coach, is that something you would be interested in?

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Sephora Favorites + Sale

Herbivore - clean, non-toxic skincare products

Today kicks off the Sephora Beauty Insider event, and since most stuff at Sephora is on the pricier side, I will definitely be taking advantage of my discount (even though I'm only on the 10% level). I thought I would share some of my personal favorite beauty favorites that are sold at Sephora, as well as what I'm buying from the sale and my [very] long wish list of things to try in the future!


My current beauty obsession is the clean skincare brand Herbivore! Their Lapis oil has improved my skin more than I can even tell you. If you're acne and inflammation prone, this is a great oil for you. It's an investment for sure, but I've used mine 1-2 times a day every day since mid March and I'm just now starting to get low, so it does last awhile. I recently added their Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion to my routine, and over time it's supposed to help resurface your skin and get rid of hyperpigmentation and acne scarring (and I need lots of help in this department!).

The Supergoop! Unseen SPF + primer is what got me to start wearing SPF every day! It's truly amazing, and I love that it's a 2-in-1 product. I've this blush and this eyeshadow palette nearly every day this summer, and this pencil is the secret behind my brows!

Here are all of the products I use and love from Sephora:


My Sephora wish list is so dang long, but maybe someday I'll get through it and try everything (haha)! I'm definitely ordering the Lawless foundation (a new, clean makeup brand!) during the sale, and am also thinking about getting either this Herbivore moisturizer or this oil to try.

Other items at the top of my wish list are this Phyto-Retinol Serum by Biossance (a natural alternative to retinol), and anything by The Ouai, but especially this wave spray.

Here is my full Sephora wish list (taken straight from my Favorites list on their site):

What are you planning to pick up from the sale?? I love to chat beauty products, so leave me a comment below!

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10 Simple Things that Make me Happy (and a Sephora Giveaway!)

I’m definitely a believer in looking for the good in each day, and I also love little routines, so the simple things in life often bring me so much happiness! Of course traveling to amazing destinations and celebrating life milestones make me incredibly happy, but those don’t happen all the time, so I think it’s important to find what makes you happy and what you’re grateful for in your everyday life. 

I thought I would share 10 things that make me happy in everyday life, and I challenge you to make your own list! 

Diffusing essential oils
I’m still fairly new to the essential oil world, but the past several months I’ve loved diffusing them in our home each day! Not only do they make our home smell better and create a relaxing atmosphere, but they have a number of health benefits such as purifying the air and relieving headaches or stress. I have a few diffusers, but this one is my favorite (and by far the cheapest), I use Young Living oils because the quality is the best I’ve found (a little goes a long way)!

Finding a kickass new song or album and listening to it on repeat
I’m so bad about this, but when I find new music I love I have the listening habits of a 14-year-old girl and listen on serious repeat. Lately I’m loving Mac Miller’s new album “Swimming” and the song “Give a Little” by Maggie Rogers.

Cuddling with my doggies
Our dogs are definitely our babies, and even though our furniture would look 5x better if they weren’t allowed up there, we can’t help but to enjoy snuggling with them every day. Russell, especially, loves to cuddle and most nights he sleeps curled up against my stomach.

Getting into bed with clean sheets
So, this technically only happens once a week, but I love starting out a new week with clean sheets. It’s such a calming feeling!

Morning quiet time
I’ll share more about this in a future post, but ever since I started carving out a bit of quiet time in the mornings I’ve felt so much more awake and calm going into each day. It’s such a nice way to ease into the day, and I love to sip on my hot lemon water during this time.

Having plants around the house
I love having a bit of life and greenery around the house, and am so fond of my house plants! I had one die last week and I’m so sad about that poor little cactus! However, it does give me the excuse to pick out a new one :)

Planning for an upcoming trip
Trip planning has recently become such a fun activity to me, and fortunately I have quite a few to research and plan over the course of this year! I love everything from researching beautiful spots to visit to finding amazing restaurants to planning out which outfits I’ll bring (and photograph). I recently started making Google Docs and Sheets for different locations so that when I happen to find something cool or see a great recommendation I can add it to my list for that destination! 

Having an entire evening at home with Trey
Even though we don’t spend every moment together when we’re both home, it still makes me so happy when we both get to be home for an evening! Even simple things like watching a tv show while we eat dinner or researching a trip together make me super happy! And the dogs love it when we’re both home too :)

Drinking herbal teas
This summer I’ve really gotten into a hot tea habit (probably a weird time of year for that!), and it’s a habit I’m really happy about! I find herbal teas to be so soothing, and many have wonderful medicinal purposes as well. You can read about a couple I love to drink here.

My nighttime skincare routine
I promise I’m working on a blog post where I’ll break down my skincare routine, but anyways… I really do find calm in going through this routine every night. Am I excited to get off the couch and take off my makeup? Not necessarily. But once I’m in the swing of things I find it really relaxing, and I especially love applying my favorite face oil at the end. 


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