My New Glasses

cute fall outfit with glasses and a hat
how to make black skinny jeans more interesting
cream bell-sleeve sweater
No, this post isn't sponsored (I wish!). I'm just really, really obsessed with my new glasses! After losing my old glasses for a few weeks, I finally had the push I needed to get new glasses after four years... I had had the same glasses since before I was married! I had never loved a pair of glasses before because none of them felt oversized or bold enough for my taste. But I'm low-key obsessed with this pair from Bonlook (a collaboration with the A Beautiful Mess sisters)! Not only were they affordable, but the quality is fantastic and they're cute enough to be a fashion accessory.  Bonlook also has some unique and frickin amazing color options! Not just your standard black and tortoise (some "rose" color frames are next on my list)...

So yeah, nothing sponsored or gifted, I just wanted to rave about my new glasses and tell you guys about Bonlook because I had such a positive experience! 

oversized glasses + newsboy cap
floral backpack
Bonlook Jack & Norma glasses
As for my outfit, you may or may not recognize my sweater from this post, but it's been my most-worn sweater so far this fall! I love that it's thin enough to tuck into jeans, that it's a warmer cream color that doesn't wash me out, and that the bell sleeves make it more interesting than your average basic sweater!

skinny jeans, bell-sleeve sweater, snake print boots
floral print backpack
Bonlook Jack & Norma frames / fall outfit with lots of accessories
bell-sleeve sweater
Sweater  |  Jeans (c/o Lulu's)  |  Boots  |  Backpack  |  Hat  |  Glasses (my color is currently sold out)

PS - these photos were taken in a parking garage in Columbia, Missouri and I freaking love them!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the family time! 

Early Sales That are Hella Good (Plus an Outfit)

leather jacket, graphic tee, mom jeans
leather jacket + graphic tee
leather jacket with mom jeans and snake print boots
I was shocked when I woke up this morning and saw so many amazing sales in my inbox already! So today, instead of simply an outfit post, I'm also giving you the info for some of my favorite sales I've seen so far, as well as some picks! I'd like to knock out some Christmas shopping and "me" shopping today to take a little pressure off of Black Friday since we'll be at a football game!

Shopbop Tiered Sale | 20-30% off Your Order with Code MORE17
I of course have to share when Shopbop has a sale a) because it's one of my favorite places to online shop and b) because now would be a great time to combine some goodies for you and for gifts to get a great discount! You can get all of the sale details and exclusions here. Some of my favorite brands to shop at Shopbop are Free People, BB Dakota, and Moon River. They also have an awesome gift shop this time of year!

Urban Outfitters | 20% Off Your Entire Purchase for Rewards Members
I always look to Urban for unique clothing and gifts, and you can get 20% off your entire order today only if you're a rewards member! 

Express | 50% off Sitewide + Free Shipping
I don't shop at Express super often, but I do find awesome stuff there sometimes, and their sales are amazing! I've included some picks below, and I'm pretty sure I'm ordering this cozy half-zip because it looks like the sweatshirt of my dreams!

Frasier Sterling | 40% Off VIP Sale (Sitewide) w/ Code BLACKFRIDAYVIP
Frasier Sterling is a new-to-me jewelry brand that my friend Bri introduced me to! I have this choker, and their customized necklaces would be a super cute gift idea too. 

H&M | Up to 60% off Winter Wardrobe Pieces Today
You all know that H&M is one of my staple stores (love it both online and in-store), and they have some amazing deals going on all week! Today they have a ton of winter wardrobe pieces for up to 60% off! They also have a lot of great guys and kids stuff if you're shopping for presents, Christmas outfits, or outfits for family photos.

how to edge up mom jeans
leather jacket over a graphic tee
straight leg jeans with ankle boots and a leather jacket
mom jeans, leather jacket, ankle boots
Jacket  |  Similar Tees here + here  |  Similar Jeans (mine are old H&M)  |  Ankle Boots

This is one of those outfits that I threw together with stuff I've had for awhile, but I really, really like it! Sometimes I struggle to come up with outfits to blog when I don't have a bunch of new stuff, but there really is something to be said for shopping your own closet and coming up with unique pairings!

Also, how amazing are these peachy-pink walls on a random office building in Columbia?! They're giving me alllll of those pretty millennial pink vibes 👌  

Non-Preppy Plaid Finds

Plaid jumper dress with a mock-neck top and cabby hat
plaid jumper dress
plaid dress
My Forever 21 dress is sold out 😪 but you can view the full outfit post here.
Unexpectedly, plaid and any kind of checkered print is absolutely huge this fall and winter! I've always found plaid to be a little on the preppy side, but I'm happy to see it in lots of interesting pieces and styled in more fashion-forward ways this season. So overall, I'm a fan in moderation! One thing I'd especially love to buy is a plaid coat to add some print and interest to my winter outfits. Here are some of my favorite plaid and checkered finds from around the web...
I couldn't include these retailers in the widget, but there are lots more great plaid finds here and here.

As far as styling goes, I'm a big fan of mixing plaid with slightly edgier or unconventional pieces to keep it from getting too preppy or "school girl." I love the look of a plaid blazer or bottoms paired with a graphic tee, and you can also add more edge to your outfit through your shoes (I love a chelsea-style ankle boot), layered necklaces, and a hat.

What are your thoughts on all of this plaid madness? Do you plan to wear it this winter?

Some Pros & Cons of Style Blogging

pretty satin, striped crop top from Lulu's
striped top with high-waisted black jeans
striped satin crop top
Today's post is a little bit different, but I thought I would share some pros & cons / ups & downs of style blogging. It's something I think about quite often as this is an extremely rewarding and extremely frustrating side hustle. There are a lot, so I'll keep each point brief, but let me know if there are any topics you would like for me to expand upon in the future!

Pro  |  resume building / new + improved skills
I can't begin to list how many skills I've learned and improved on through my blog, but a quick overview would be manual and self-portrait photography, photo editing, social media strategies, PR, writing, time management, basic accounting, and more! I have my blog on my resume for all of these reasons and more. It shows my creativity, my work ethic, and many skill sets I now possess. 

Con  |  people can think you're vain...or straight up crazy
I can totally see how someone would come to this conclusion about bloggers since we're sharing photos of ourselves over and over...and over again. It could definitely come across to some that I'm obsessed with myself (you'll see it's quite the opposite later in this post), but I truly just love creating content and styling outfits. I also get allllll kinds of crazy (and creepy) looks and comments when I'm out taking photos. 

Pro  |  it's a creative outlet 
When I decided to go in non-fashion PR fields, I knew I still wanted to be involved in fashion in some way. Enter style blogging. On this space I get to express myself creatively, experiment as much as I want to (with few repercussions), and be involved in the fashion industry. I love having a creative outlet outside of my full-time office job. 

Con  |  taking photos of yourself gets old
As a girl, there are always some photos you really like of yourself, and then a ton you don't like. Now multiply that by thousands. First of all, looking at thousands of photos of yourself over the years is not the most fun. It's easy to get sucked into a deep pit of nitpicking your entire face and body as you zoom in and see flaws, or if certain angles are incredibly unflattering. If an outfit doesn't photograph as flattering on me, I sometimes struggle to wear it ever again. And you know what else? I'm honestly pretty sick of looking at myself and editing my own photos!! haha. Over the past year I discovered that I truly did love photography when I got to take photos of other people, which is why I started my photography side hustle. It's been nice to say the least.

Pro  |  it's a diary of sorts
While I haven't done much lifestyle blogging to-date, I do share some life events, and it's also fun to look back on how my style (and hair and makeup) have changed over the years. 

Con | the time commitment
I know it's obnoxious when full time bloggers say "this really is a full time job," but holy hell, it really is a time commitment! While I do make a little bit of money here (from affiliate links and the occasional sponsored post), I don't even come close to breaking even on the time and money I invest in this space. Like not even close. It's a personal investment that's worth it to me right now, but the time it takes to go out and shoot the photos, edit, write the post, coordinate links, promote on social media, and email/coordinate with brands is staggering.  

fall outfit - crop top + high-waisted jeans
cute crop top from Lulu's

Pro  |  trying new brands & products
I don't get even close to the number of gifts a lot of other bloggers get, but I'm truly so grateful for what I do receive! I've gotten to try out so many fantastic clothing brands and beauty products over the past few years, which has been so fun to cover for you guys!

Con  |  slow growth / brands not noticing you
It's so hard to put in tons and tons of hard work and pour all of your creativity into something and a) not grow much and b) not get noticed by brands you wear over and over. This can get discouraging, and it's very easy to doubt your abilities, looks, etc. However, there are good times too...

Pro  |  getting to partner with brands you love and respect
It's an incredible feeling when a brand you love and purchase from reaches out to collaborate, even if it's just for gifted products. To know that they noticed your hard work and appreciate your style is the best feeling and is incredibly validating!

Con | the comparison game
I'll keep it short so this doesn't get too heavy, but I know all of us fall victim to the comparison game from time to time. It's hard to draw a line between being inspired by someone and feeling like crap because you don't seem to stack up (even though we all know blogs and Instagrams are a big highlight reel). I don't have stick thin legs, long thick hair, an incredible designer wardrobe, or get to travel the world. I can't pay a professional photographer to take and edit photos for me. I don't have piles of boxes of new clothes showing up for me every week so that I can post different outfits every day. How on earth do you compare to those girls?? It's hard to avoid comparison, but I try to stay in my own lane as much as possible! 

Pro  |  the supportive communities
Through blogging I not only have a community of fellow bloggers and Instagrammers that are both inspiring and uplifting, but also a community of readers and followers! It's an incredibly rewarding feeling when someone you don't personally know takes the time to reach out and tell you they've read your blog for years or that a certain post was helpful to them. While this space is very rewarding to me personally and creatively, ultimately I'm creating content for my readers, and that supportive community is amazing.

satin crop top, cross choker
satin crop top with high-waisted jeans
Top (c/o Lulu's | runs big)  |  Jeans  (c/o Lulu's)  |  Similar Loafer Mules here & here  |  Choker

Overall, my blogging experience has been so, so positive so far and I thank each and every one of you for being apart of this community and following along! Hopefully it was interesting to learn a little bit about the behind-the-scenes of blogging and some of the many things running through my head all the time 😉

Love you guys! xx

Shopping for Ankle Boots

faux snakeskin ankle boots | free people
As with probably every female, ankle boots are an absolute staple of mine in the fall and winter (and all seasons, really), and if I had to pick, I would say they're my favorite category of shoes! I love to have a mix of more simple, staple booties, along with a pair or two that really make a statement (i.e. the [faux!] snakeskin pair above). As I've been online shopping lately [or always?] I've come across soooo many fantastic ankle boots, and I wanted to share them with you guys! I've split them up into three price categories. 

Under $50

Under $100


The ankle boots I'm wearing above can be found here (color is true to my picture, not theirs), and these ankle boots are on their way to me right now (so. damn. excited.)!