5 Benefits I've Seen from Drinking More Water

5 Benefits I've Seen from Drinking More Water | Love, Lenore

As stupid as it sounds, drinking water is something I'm super passionate about! It's been estimated that as many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, even though we're fortunate enough to have access to clean drinking water. Drinking water not only keeps your organs functioning and cleans out your body, but it also increases your metabolism and gives you more energy. In the last 6 months I've made a specific effort to drink way more water, so I thought I would share the benefits I've personally seen, as well as some of my tips for drinking more water! We've all heard the "drink half of your body weight in ounces" advice, but I personally don't feel like that's nearly enough for me, and over the past 6 months I've aimed to drink at least 100oz a day. 

5 Benefits I've Seen from Drinking More Water

1 | significantly fewer headaches
Growing up and through high school and college, I got headaches all the time, including a decent amount of migraines. I figured it was just a fact of life for me. But since I've really upped my water intake, I've had very few headaches! Amazing right?? That's not to say I don't still get one from time to time, but it's like a once a month kind of thing rather than multiple times a week!

2 | plumper, more glowing skin
I'm sure you've heard the advice that drinking a ton of water is the best thing you can do for your skin, and I 100% believe it. I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin the past 6 months. It has much more of a glow, as well as more fullness!

3 | more energy
While I'm not a huge caffeine addict (I stopped drinking my daily soda back in college and rarely drink coffee), I was drinking green tea nearly every day (which, to be fair, is really good for you). However, I've noticed since upping my water intake that I rarely need a caffeine boost and have so much more energy.

4 | far less bloating
As females, and hell as humans, bloating is a part of life. But since I've upped my water intake I noticed far less of it, even during my period! Flatter tummy? Yes please!

5 | a calmer mind, and less anxiety
This was a completely unexpected benefit for me, but I started noticing the change a few months ago. I've always been a stresser and prone to anxiety. For as long as I can remember, my mind has been all over the place, I've felt anxious about nearly everything, and my heart has felt so fluttery all the time - such an icky feeling. But in the past 6 months I've noticed how much calmer I am. My mind feels calmer and clearer, and my heart doesn't race and flutter as often. I still stress quite a bit, but the anxiousness is not nearly as prevalent. I think reducing caffeine has definitely played a roll, but overall I just feel better now that I'm more hydrated - like my body and mind are working how they're supposed to. I can't tell you what a great feeling that is!

So, have I talked you into drinking more water yet?? If so, here are some of my favorite tips for drinking more water...   

My Tips for Drinking More Water

1 | use a water tracking app
Once I made the decision to drink more water, I started using a tracking app, and it's helped me so much! It's easy to let hours go by without drinking anything, but the app helps keep me on track! I also like having the competition with myself to reach my goal. I use the My Water app (although there are tons of great free ones), and it allows you to set a daily goal, to enter in all different kinds of beverages, and it will send you push notification reminders to drink more water.

2 | take a tumbler with you everywhere
My sister has always taken a huge water bottle with her everywhere, and I've started doing this too. I like using a reusable tumbler because it keeps my water super ice cold (essential for me) and then I'm not wasting tons of plastic. Trey and I are obsessed with our Corcicle tumblers and canteens! I think we have 4 or 5 between us now, and I've even given some out as gifts. My 24oz white tumbler seriously comes with me everywhere! I also love that these don't make my water taste like metal. They really are the best!

3 | use a reusable straw
I've found that I drink at least twice as much liquid when I have a straw! For this reason, I use these rubber straws with my Corkcicle tumbler. They oversized, rubbery (i.e. you can chew on them haha), and best of all, reusable! I also just ordered these stainless steel straws to completely replace my use of plastic straws (more on that later though).    

4 | drink it first thing in the morning
Because our bodies are working away while we sleep, and because we don't drink water throughout the night, we can actually wake up dehydrated. Crazy, right? I like to start off my mornings by immediately filling up my tumbler with ice water, and then drinking a ton of water while I go through my morning routine! This not only jumpstarts your metabolism, and gets you off to a great start toward your water goal, but will also make you feel so much better - I promise!

I hope this post has inspired you to drink more water (and less soda, coffee, etc.)! Like I said, it's something that's really important to me, and it's always one of my biggest pieces of advice to others. If you have any other benefits or tips you would like to share, I'd love to chat in the comment section below!

I also thought I would share the super comfy loungewear I'm wearing in the photos. My top is this little thermal, and it's the softest shirt ever. I love that it's oversized, and that you can wear it different ways. I need more colors! I'm also wearing sweatpants from my favorite loungewear brand, Z Supply. Their stuff is so unbelievably soft, and their sweatpants and joggers are definitely worth the money in my opinion! I have to remember not to wear these every night when I get home from work haha.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I'm so excited to share more lifestyle and health content with you this year, and have been really excited to put this post together!   

Coats & Jackets Under $50

leopard coat | coats and jackets under $50
similar coat  |  jeans  |  hat  |  similar boots  |  top  |  belt

Anyone else absolutely freezing where you're at?? Retailers have already moved onto spring, but it hasn't been above freezing here in days, so I'm not done buying winter pieces yet. However, I do want to keep things on the affordable end since spring is [hopefully] around the corner. So, I rounded up several cute jackets and coats that are under $50! I have a couple of these and my friend has another, and they're all great jackets (want this leopard coat that my friend Bri has!).

In years past I've only had a couple of staple coats that were good quality, simple, etc. But this year I've found that when I have a few cute and more exciting jackets to add into the mix, that my layering possibilities are endless (and so much more interesting)! Now, if you're going to a NFL playoff game, these are not the coats for you, but for many winter days I can absolutely get by with throwing a jacket like this on top of my outfit. 

What's your philosophy with winter coats and jackets? One or two staples or several inexpensive options to mix and match with?

24 Hours in Kansas City

Last month, I got to make a quick trip up to Kansas City to visit my friend Claire (we met at summer orientation before our freshman year of college!) and we had such a blast! She runs an amazing food Instagram, @kcplates, and so we enjoyed some delicious meals and got to visit some fun spots around KC.

Kansas City is one of my favorite cities! I love the young, energetic vibe in juxtaposition with the history of the city. I know some on the coasts consider all midwest cities to be flyover territory, but KC really is a gem! I'll share what we did, as well as some other spots and activities on my list for my next visit to serve as a sort of guide if you end up there for a weekend!

tour at Convivial Production (ceramics made in Kansas City)
24 Hours in Kansas City | Convivial Production tour
24 Hours in Kansas City | Convivial Production
24 Hours in Kansas City | Convivial ceramics
Claire and I got to go on a tour of Convivial Production, an amazing small business that makes the most beautiful ceramic pieces. Their studio is in an old building in the West Bottoms, and I love how that area is being restored. We got to learn about their entire process, and then shop some samples and seconds. I came home with 3 pieces, but have many more on my list! PS, they also have a gorgeous Instagram.

24 Hours in Kansas City | Love, Lenore
24 Hours in Kansas City | Doughnut Lounge
Since we were already in the West Bottoms, we walked around for a bit, popping into stores and splitting this crazy good doughnut from Doughnut Lounge's truck.

24 Hours in Kansas City | Lunch at Rockhill Grille
24 Hours in Kansas City | Lunch at Rockhill Grille
We grabbed a late lunch at Rockhill Grille in the Crossroads Arts District, and the decor and food were equally great! This would be a gorgeous happy hour stop. 

formal dress from Lulu's
In the afternoon, instead of the usual site-seeing (I'll give some recommendations at the end of the post!) we photographed a bunch of blog content (Claire is a saint!) including this post from last month. This was photographed at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, which you must at least drive by if you're in town. It's stunning!

Anthropologie glassware
In the evening we walked around The Plaza, which is a gorgeous district with shopping and restaurants! My favorite time to visit is before Christmas, because there are Christmas lights on every building, and it's beautiful! Definitely stop in the Anthro there (glasses linked here!), as well as the Urban Outfitters, West Elm, H&M and Forever 21 (among others!).

I have no pictures to document, but we picked up Boru Ramen and at at Claire's adorable house while watching a movie! It was the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.

24 Hours in Kansas City | Love, Lenore
24 Hours in Kansas City | Monarch Coffee
The next morning we stopped into Monarch Coffee, which is a gorgeous coffee shop (super Instagram-able)! I had their chai latte and it's one of the best I've ever had.

24 Hours in Kansas City | brunch at The Oliver
24 Hours in Kansas City | brunch at The Oliver
We rounded up my quick 24-hour visit with brunch at The Oliver, which happens to be on The Plaza! We split the fried chicken bennie and the daybreaker omelette, and thoroughly enjoyed both dishes (as well as the mimosas!).

Other things to do + see + eat in KC (some I've been to, and some are on my list for next time)...

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Kansas City Ballet
Dear Society Shop
Tyler Kingston Shop 
Easy Tiger Co.
Made in KC
River Market neighborhood
Kansas City Taco Company
Julep Cocktail Club
Goat Hill Coffee & Soda
West Bottoms antique stores 
Boulevard Brewing Company Tour + hang at their Beer Hall 
John's Greenhouse (the most eclectic greenhouse, but the prices are fantastic)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you can reference it if you're ever looking for things to do in KC! And don't forget to check out @kcplates for restaurant recommendations!


First outfit: sweater  |  jeans  |  loafers  |  hat  |  backpack
Second outfit: similar sweater  |  jeans  |  ankle boots

The $42 Jacket I'm Wearing Non-Stop

The $42 jacket I'm wearing non-stop
layered winter outfit
teddy jacket
When I got this $42 jacket I didn't get my hopes up, but I've been wearing this little guy so much the past few weeks! It's cozy and trendy, and I love the color. I've always hated to spend lots of money on coats and jackets, so I was happy to find this one for such a steal. I feel like it helps to make my winter outfits more interesting too!   

cute teddy jacket with distressed jeans
tan teddy coat
casual winter outfit with a teddy coat
teddy coat, mom jeans
jacket (c/o - wearing size small)  |  jeans (true to size)  |  ankle boots  |  similar tees here, here & here  |  hat  |  earrings

Trey and I laid low most of the weekend as we're both under the weather. I did get a few blog photos in and some photo editing done, but other than that I was honestly pretty lazy, which was so nice for a change! 

We watched the Golden Globes last night and I thought it was a great awards show. I loved all of the pointed references to gender biases and inequalities in Hollywood, the US and the world! It's definitely ridiculous that it's still as much of an issue as it is today. I especially loved when Debra Messing called out E! live on air for paying Catt Sadler far less than what her former male cohost makes (more on that here). It's time for a change, that's for sure! 

New Year, New Growth: My 2018 Resolutions

Hey gals, I took a quick blogging break, but I'm back and feeling SO ready for this new year! I have lots of content ideas, including more health & wellness content (yay or nay??), and I'm feeling really happy about it.

And now onto the topic of this post - my 2018 resolutions/goals! Perhaps new years resolutions are overdone, but I genuinely love the opportunity to set some fresh goals. Blogging them kind of creates some accountability for myself too!

Goal 1: to continue learning more about nutrition and eating clean
I find that the more I learn about nutrition the more healthy I want to eat! While I'm not completely giving up Taco Bell or pizza anytime soon, I've really cleaned up my act when it comes to food without feeling deprived. However, I absolutely have more to learn and can always do better! I think moderation is absolutely key, but when I'm equipped with more knowledge, the more I want to eat for nourishment. I'm not trying to lose weight, which takes a lot of pressure off. I just want to take care of my body by being as healthy as I can be! I've been reading this uh-mazing book, and this book is next on my reading list! I can also send you some great podcast episodes about healthy eating that have really benefited me - just holla at me!

Goal 2: to blog about what feels right
So, this seems like a given, but hear me out. I'm still obsessed with fashion and styling, but over the past few years my interests have grown and shifted to some degree, and if I'm being my authentic + best self it makes sense to reflect those interests here! So, in 2018 I plan to write about more personal topics (you guys seem to love those types of posts - yay!), and to add in more health & wellness tips + recipes! Wellness (mind, fitness + food) is becoming an increasingly important part of my life and I can't wait to share more with you. If you have any requests on those topics, please, please send them my way!! Oh, and of course I'll keep up the outfit and beauty posts!

Goal 3: to get stronger and leaner
I'm not about making goals to "get skinny" or "stop eating crap" because those aren't realistic or specific. But, I definitely want to continue to build on the progress I made in the last year in terms of getting fitter and stronger. I want to add in more weight and resistance training this year (nothing crazy!), and try a few new classes! I'm even thinking about tackling Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide this spring or summer. I did it before my wedding, and it seriously works!

Goal 4: to get better at protecting my time
I am so, so bad at saying no. If someone needs help with something, I often drop things I had planned for myself, or mess up my own schedule to help. In a way, this is a good quality - I mean at least I'm not a jerk and do like to help people! But, I tend to overextend myself badly, and often don't get to do things that I had planned for myself (like blog photoshoots, time set aside to blog/edit photos, time to clean my house, workouts, etc.). This year I want to work toward a better balance. I still want to be willing to jump in and help with random things, but to also not feel guilty about saying no to something if I have time blocked off for just myself! In adulthood I've learned that some people don't respect others' time, and that it's okay to tell them "no." I just need to do it a little more often :)

similar sweaters here and here (mine was H&M)  |  jeans  |  phone case  |  ankle boots (the ones I'm wearing here are my old pair, but I now have the nearly identical linked pair and love them!) 

These photos were taken in Monarch Coffee in Kansas City! It's a gorgeous little spot if you're ever in the area. 

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy New Year! xx