The Best Teddy Jackets + a Sephora Giveaway

Cream Teddy Coat #teddycoat
How to style a teddy coat or teddy jacket
cozy winter neutrals
As you may have noticed, I'm just a little bit obsessed with teddy coats and jackets! I've always hated wearing coats and feeling stuffy/bulky, but this is a trend that's equal parts comfy and chic. This is the coat I'm wearing in these pics (highly recommend grabbing it before it sells out again). I also own this budget-friendly tan jacket, and just added this black teddy jacket to my collection (use code BRI20 for 20% off).

Most of these are under $100 and quite a few are under $50!

cozy neutral outfit idea for winter
cozy teddy coat for winter
winter neutrals

Outfit Details
Coat  |  Sweater (so soft!)  |  Jeans   |  Hat  |  Sunglasses  |  Backpack  |  Similar Boots

neutral winter outfit idea
cutest teddy coats and jackets under $100

Winter has definitely arrived here, and while I'm pretty sad about that, cute new clothes do help to make it better! I try to venture into color more often these days, but I can't lie...I still love my neutral outfits like this one the most.

New makeup and skincare help too, so be sure to enter this awesome giveaway!

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5 Simple Ways to Have a Healthier Day

Striped jumpsuit // Cannon Beach, Oregon
Lack of Color Zulu Rancher
Health is all about balance, and doesn’t mean you have to eat strictly salads and do an hour of cardio every day. I certainly don't do either of those! Health and wellness mean soooo much more. It’s a balancing act and sometimes you just have to start small, and make a series of positive choices. Here are 5 simple things I do and that you can do to have a healthier day today and every day!

low-back jumpsuit
Hydrate, first thing! As we sleep our bodies are working hard to digest food, regenerate cells, detox the body, and much more. So, when we wake up we’re actually dehydrated. I like to start my mornings by immediately hydrating! This gives me more energy and makes me feel so much better in the mornings! I used to feel terrible every morning - dizzy, exhausted, etc. After I go to the bathroom and take the dogs outside, I make a cup of hot lemon water or herbal tea, and also fill up my tumbler with ice water (often with a lemon slice and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt for electrolytes).

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Go for a quick walk. To be honest, I don’t get in a ton of steps day to day. I work a desk job, and also work on my computer every night at home, so other than photoshoots and workouts I’m not moving tons by any means. So, I like to incorporate some quick walks when I can to stimulate my circulation, refresh my brain, and burn a few calories. Most days I don’t have time for a 30-60 minute walk, but I do try to walk the dogs nearly every day (usually just a 10 minute walk to the field at the end of our street and back)! I do this mostly for them, but I sneakily benefit as well. Also, if I’m feeling stressed, anxious, or bored/cooped up at work, I’ll take a quick walk around the block! It’s such a nice way to break up a day full of sitting and staring at a computer. Sometimes I’ll throw in headphones and listen to music or a podcast, or other days I just want some silence away from the office for a few minutes. 

Add leafy greens to a meal. My skin and health have improved so much since incorporating more leafy greens into my diet (even though they’re not my favorite to eat in all honesty). Because I don’t love eating spinach on its own, I like to sneak it into my meals. For example, I put a cup of spinach in my morning smoothies, and like to put some in scrambled eggs as well. At lunch and dinner I’ll often make myself a little side salad, and instead of tacos I make taco salad bowls. It’s all about sneaking in your greens when you can!

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Park in the furthest parking spot. My dad has done this my whole life, and while I found it bizarre growing up, I now appreciate his eccentric practice! It forces you to move more! However, I do skip this when I’m alone at night :)

Put your phone away a little bit before you go to bed. I used to lay in bed staring at my phone every night, and not only did I get less sleep, but I was probably doing harm to my eyes and my brain as well with all of that blue light. Now, I set my alarm, plug in my phone, and turn it to silent before I even crawl in bed. Then I set it down and don’t look at it anymore, which helps me get to sleep a lot quicker (and have better sleep quality)! 

Cannon Beach, Oregon // striped jumpsuit
Lack of Color wide brim hat

Jumpsuit (c/0)  |  Hat

Photos by Jo Johnson

My Fall Nighttime Routine

My Fall Nighttime Routine and favorite moisturizing cream

I love a routine and any ritual that makes my day more pleasant and calm. My morning and nighttime routines change up a bit throughout the year and depending on my schedule, but lately I have a calming fall nighttime routine I thought I would share with you today! Keep in mind this usually takes place after a busy night of dinner, clean-up, [sometimes] workout, shower, and a few hours of work on my laptop (either blog work or photo editing), so I need these little rituals to help me slow down at the end of the night.

Drinking a cup of hot tea
I try to do this year-round, but I especially crave my evening cup of hot tea in the fall and winter. I usually drink peppermint tea later in the evening and/or before bed because it’s really relaxing and promotes healthy digestion. This one is my favorite!

calming nighttime rituals // @OlayUS Regenerist Whip Fragrance-Free

Doing my skincare routine
I love doing my nighttime skincare routine and find it so relaxing! At night I always apply a good moisturizer + oil at the end of my skincare routine so my skin gets re-hydrated overnight. This fall I’ve been using Olay Regenerist Whip Fragrance-Free and my skin is loving it! I wake up dewy, but not oily or greasy due to the lightweight texture, and it makes my skin so soft and smooth. You girls know how sensitive my skin is, so I was so excited when Olay released a fragrance-free version of the Regenerist Whip. It’s definitely lived up to the hype and my skin is glowing now more than ever! And I love that I can pick it up at Walgreens whenever I need to restock it. 

calming nighttime routine essentials

Diffusing essential oils
I keep an essential oil diffuser in our bedroom and love to diffuse oils before we got to bed and while we sleep. Not only do they give off a lovely aroma and create a calming atmosphere in our bedroom, but essential oils have many health & wellness benefits too. Most of the year my go-to is lavender oil because it calms you and promotes good sleep (and lavender is one of my favorite scents)! Lately I’ve also been diffusing lots of Thieves oil because it is great for the immune system and has a really nice fall/winter scent to it. 

Drifting off to a show
I know a lot of wellness experts say not to have a TV in the bedroom, but Trey and I love to watch a show in bed as we fall asleep. I think this is one of those things that’s different for everyone! We personally find it super relaxing and usually throw on an episode of Friends, The Office, or That 70’s Show.

what herbal tea to drink before bed as part of your nighttime routine

What are some things you do to wind down before bed?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. All opinions and text are my own.

Fall Sweater Edit

The best affordable fall sweaters

It's sweater weather y'all! Like it or not, chilly days are here (at least in Missouri) and it's time to cozy up in some cute sweaters! Now, I'm pretty picky about sweaters... they have to be flattering and they can't be itchy. I can't personally vouch for most of these sweaters, but I do own a few of them (which I'll point out below), and have ordered several of these too! Looking at my closet, I would say most of my sweaters are from H&M. You definitely have to weed through the good and the bad, but year after year they have awesome ones at a steal of a price! I actually ordered a few while writing this post last night!

Also, I can't link from these some sites in the widgets below, but definitely check out some of my favorite online shops, Shop Lux, Maude Boutique, Lulu's and Zara for cute and affordable knits as well!

CREAMY NEUTRALS favorite! I could probably own 20 cream and tan sweaters and still want more versions. I just ordered this one, I've worn this one tons already, and I have last year's version of this sweater

I've always been a neutrals-only kind of gal, but this year color has been growing on me! I have several of these in my cart!

You girls know I love my black clothing! I have this sweater and this sweater and can vouch for their amazingness! I ordered this cozy gray turtleneck last night too. 

I don't usually go for a bold sweater, but I can't get this one out of my head! Probably need to go ahead and order it! I'm also in love with all things leopard at the moment and love it in sweater form here & here.  

The Surprising Factor that Kills or Boosts our Confidence

The Surprising Factor that Kills or Boosts our Confidence
messy waves, cool-toned blonde hair with roots

I feel like there's not much worse for the confidence than a bad hair day, am I right?? My hair is super fine, so my bad hair days tend to be when my hair is flat and lifeless. This makes me feel so gross! I end up fussing with my hair all day and wondering if I should just chop it off! Turns out you guys absolutely hate bad hair days too. This is what some of you girls had to say about how a bad hair day makes you feel:

"Fidgety, like I can't stop playing with my hair"
"Low self esteem"
"Less confident, worried about how I'm being presented, messy. Even if everything else is good."
"Vulnerable, self-conscious, less outgoing"
"Frustrated and frumpy"
"Like I want to go home and bury myself in bed"
"A little discouraged. Like I already know the day will suck."
"It plays with my confidence"

WOW. Can you believe the impact a bad hair day has on our confidence?? 

According to a survey by Yale University, only 1 in 10 women experience a great hair day regularly. 

That means our hair is affecting our confidence all the timeI hate that so many of us feel this way so often. 

how to get more volume with fine hair
Pantene Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner - give you volume, but also shine

When Pantene reached out about joining their 14 Day Challenge, I was anxious and excited to see if I would have more great hair days! I used their Hair Advisor guide to pick the best shampoo and conditioner for my hair needs, and went with the Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner to give my fine hair a boost. I used it for every wash over the course of two weeks, and definitely saw some positive changes. My hair held volume and curl way longer than it had been before! My styling lasted all day, rather than fading by the afternoon. This was a game changer for me because I'm used to my hair falling flat and feeling gross within a few hours! Somehow, even with more volume, my hair was smoother and softer than usual too. 

Overall, I definitely had more good and great hair days overall, which was an amazing feeling! I felt more confident, more attractive, and I didn't go through my day just wanting to throw my hair in a messy bun. And guess what, I'm not the only one who feels SO much better when I have a good hair day! Here's how they make YOU feel:

"Empowered! Ready to take on the day."
"The best and like I can conquer the world!"
"Put together"
"The day is going to be good!"
"Happy and positive"

"Like I won the hair lottery, swishy and comfortable, more confident"
"Like a kweeeeeeeenn"
"Like I want to see everyone I know and catch up!"
"It is a mood booster"
"Like I can do anything. But really it just makes me like my hair more and not want to chop it off."

rooted cool blonde hair

Isn't it amazing to see the difference?? Our hair really plays a huge role in our confidence, our happiness, and how social we want to be! 

I want all of us to feel this way more often! I encourage you to check out Pantene's 14 Day Challenge to find the right shampoo and conditioner for you so you can have more great hair days too!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene. The opinions and text are all mine.