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First row L to R: Ankle Strap Flats | Printed Loafers

Say hello to my latest obsession - flats! To be honest, I haven't really ever liked flats up until about a year ago. I thought round-toe ballet flats were often frumpy, and that pointed toe flats would make my already long feet look like flippers! 

I've found that pointed-toe flats, while they may make your feet look slightly longer, are extremely elongating and slimming! And I don't think there are many of us girls that don't want our legs to look long and lean, am I right? Sometimes they can be uncomfortable, but if you find a well-fitting pair with a bit of 'give,' they're not at all bad once you break them in slightly. Now onto rounded-toe ballet flats... I mentioned above that I used to find them frumpy. But, I think a lot of this is the way they used to be styled, and overall that shoes just weren't as cute when I was in middle school and high school! I've come to realize they're such a classic, elegant shoe and that they're so versatile. I just bought a pair of cognac ballet flats last week and I already know I'll wear them so much.

In addition to some of my current favorites above, here are a ton of other options! Price-wise I've picked options ranging from $22 to $100, and most of these come in a few different colors!


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  1. Those striped flats and the pink and black ones are my favorite!!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. I'm don't wear flats too often either, but I think I prefer the pointy toe to the round toe. I don't own any pointy, but they seem much more doable.

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  3. I can't live without flats and these are some stellar pairs, Id wear them all!

  4. not only pointed flats but pointed heels make your legs look longer and thinner too! love these!

  5. I love D' orsay flats!
    I'm planning to buy more in different colors!
    :) xx



  6. Me too!! I need a pair (or several) of D'Orsay flats.


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