My Favorite Things at Target Right Now

cute, affordable bookshelf decor

Okay, you guys asked on Instagram Stories, so here are a ton of my favorite finds! If there's anything that can unify us in these crazy times, it's probably Target!

Some of these I own, and many I've seen in person, so I know they're good. Others I haven't actually laid my eyes on, but hey, they're probably fantastic. I'm not worried 😂  My favorite thing to get at Target is home decor (hence the pic above, which features several Target items from the past couple of years), but I love it all!

Home Decor

Kitchen + Bath

Clothing + Accessories


I hope you gals found some things to put in your shopping carts! A few things high up on my list are this bar cart, this fragrance line (such pretty packaging!), more of Kristin Ess' line (purple shampoo and a rose gold temporary die? yessss), and this basket. A few things that I have and love are this rug (so much prettier in person! It's in front of my bathroom vanity), this dress, this artwork, this serving bowl, and this tray.

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