"Realness" in the Blogging World

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Something I've seen being talked about quite a bit lately is "realness" in the blogging and Instagram world. It seems like readers and followers (non-bloggers and influencers) are craving authenticity more and more these days, perhaps because we're so oversaturated with media and social media and expectations for what both we and our lives should look like. It's a tricky issue for sure! I've been thinking on this a bit, and thought I would share just a bit of my perspective. I honestly wrote down so many thoughts at first and then paired them down, because it was too much for one post. So, here are just a few thoughts (and maybe we can dive in more another time)...

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I think there's a huge difference between being fake and showing your life in a beautiful way. I'm sure we all have some girls who come to mind (influencers or not) who we think of as fake. I've seen many a girl on Instagram or in the blogging world whose body looks so different in her photos versus in other people's photos, or who wasn't transparent about plastic surgery, or who simply doesn't share anything authentic about her life. It's frustrating, FOR SURE. But, I also think a lot of bloggers and Instagrammers are getting lumped into this simply because they post beautiful imagery. I feel strongly that just because someone only posts pretty images on their Instagram, doesn't mean that they're fake - it's just what they like to share in that space. 

Something to ask yourself is if you think someone's posts are coming from a place of creativity or from a place of insecurity or bragging. There are some big bloggers I've unfollowed because it rubbed me the wrong way when they overedited their photos or wore crazy amounts of makeup. These accounts made me feel bitter, and I don't want that negative energy!

In the end, I think we should just follow people who make us feel good, and who inspire us. For me that's a whole mixture of folks. I love following my friends who don't give an F about a curated Instagram grid. I love following fashion and lifestyle bloggers and home decor accounts that give me so much inspiration about how I want to dress and decorate and entertain. I love following travel accounts so I can dream of future vacations. All are okay! 

For me personally, I love photography and am even a photographer now. I also love experimenting with photo editing (not crazy Photoshopping - I'm talking tones, white balance, brightness, depth, etc.). I feel SO inspired by producing creative content, and I always want to be proud to share it with you guys. I wouldn't feel inspired to share a dimly lit photo of my messy living room here on my blog when I'm talking about home decor or something. There's nothing inspiring about that! But, there are other ways that I can share my realness. I'm always real with you in what I write here! Instagram Stories are a great sneak peek into someone's life (you've seen me on there sick, with bad hormonal breakouts, and cooking in my ugly 90's kitchen and more 😜). And Twitter is probably my favorite social media channel because everyone is just themselves. 

In closing... Bloggers and influencers, I ask that you show your real selves. Don't stop producing beautiful content, but make sure it's relevant to others and still ties in with your actual life. Show us your personality, tell us when you've had a bad day, and complain when you have a bad zit. To those who read blogs and follow influencers on Instagram, I ask that you only follow people who make you happy and provide positive inspiration for you. Don't hate-follow someone so you can roll your eyes at their fakeness. Also, please don't assume we're all like that. There are many of us that are super real (as dorky as I am), and would love to build that trust with you. Trust that even if we post pretty pictures, we are still real people and are making efforts to let you into our lives. 

edgy spring outfit
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Top (can't recommend this enough!)  //  Jeans  //  Boots  //  Sunglasses
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I thought I would use this opportunity to give a little shoutout to some four bloggers and Instagrammers who inspire me, but also make me laugh and feel like I know them in person!

Sivan Ayla (blog, Instagram)
So naturally beautiful, super real on IG stories, and always has great blog posts. I always wish I could be her friend because she's the coolest!

Ashley Guyatt (blog, Instagram)
We've become blogging friends over the years and she's such a genuine, kind person. Her style and LA photos are to-die-for and I'm always checking her Instagram for new photos!

Emily Vartanian (blog, Instagram)
Emily is always real on Instagram stories, and also writes about some amazing topics on her blog!

Mary-Katherine Minnis (blog, Instagram)
She's one of my oldest blogging friends, and is the most selfless gal ever! She is now a travel blogger, and I'm always inspired by her travels and her style.

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