Fall Style Cravings

Fall 2017 fashion trends/wish list

Guys, can we just talk about how good the fashion scene is right now?? There are periods of time where I'm not super into anything, but this is not one of those times. I just love what's in style and what's in stores right now! As I talked about in yesterday's post, I want to have more fun with fashion from here on out! I tend to play it safe (partly to be practical, and partly because of where I live), but I want to just go for it and wear all of the unique pieces I always have my eye on. 

Here are a few trends/style concepts I'm diggin' at the moment...

Old-School Menswear Inspired
I know it's crazy, but your grandpa's plaid and little caps are back! As are loafers. I love these plaid blazers here and here, I wear these loafer mules constantly and found a cheaper look-a-like here, and am all about the captain's hat trend.

I always love a good embellished piece to add some texture and "umph" to an outfit, and there are some beautiful options out right now. I love these pearl-embellished sweaters here and here, these embroidered culottes, these trousers, and this bag.

Millennial Pink
I'm happy to see that the various shades of millennial pink aren't going anywhere this fall. I think they'll be beautiful into the winter months as well. I'm in love with this hat, this cardigan, this suede bag, and these gorgeous ankle boots.

What trends and styles are getting you excited about fall fashion this year??

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