What's Old is New Again

how to style a captain's hat/baker boy hat
vintage-inspired flare jeans, graphic tee, cap
captain's hat, graphic tee

I went shopping with my mom a couple of weeks ago (I rarely shop in person so it was kinda fun!), and I was cracking up because the whole afternoon she kept saying, "omg this is SO 60s!" and "I totally wore these pants in the 70s!" It was so cute. I feel like now more than ever trends from the past are back in full force. I've always loved studying fashion from past decades, and regularly listen to "oldies" so I am here for allllll the vintage vibes! Did you see this week's other outfit post with my wide-leg striped pants? 🌈

I made a resolution about a month ago that I wasn't going to worry about being "safe" or "practical" with my style anymore, and was just going to wear fun clothes I love from here on out! I'm a basics girl deep down, but I also love the thrill of putting together a unique outfit and having some fun items to mix in with my staples. Even if I get sarcastic compliments (i.e. "wow! those are some boots!), I'm just going to enjoy the hell out of what I'm wearing. Anyways, this outfit is an example of that, and I'm just having a lot of fun with fashion right now, which feels really good. 

Vintage inspired fall outfit | crop flare jeans, band tee
Burgundy baker boy hat
Queen graphic tee, burgundy hat
Crop flare jeans
Tee is Daydreamer brand from Modern Society (similar online)  |  Jeans  |  Hat  |  Similar Boots here & here  |  Choker  |  Long Necklace  |  Lip Color (in 'bo$$')

I think these jeans are 1970s-ish and maybe late '60s too...? Please correct me if I'm wrong! I think they're so funky and cute! And we alllll know how obsessed I am with graphic tees. I love Queen, so this tee was a must-purchase for me, and Daydreamer makes the softest tees!

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