Back to School

Happy Monday! I graduated from college a little over a year ago, but now that I work for a school district (and my hubby does too), our lives are both back on a school year calendar. I think from being in school virtually my entire life so far, I'm engrained to think of years on a school year basis rather than a calendar year basis! All of that being said...

I love the excitement of the back to school season! I always looked forward to my new college classes, and now working in education, it's absolutely amazing to see how excited all of the students are! And in true form, I love the style component of it all too... It's an exciting time of year style-wise with that summer-to-fall transition approaching, and I always love the little 'extras' too like planners, coffee mugs and desk accessories.

patterned tote | leather-band watch | floral phone case
gold-foil notebooks | fun coffee mug | portable phone charger
lucite file holder | polka dot agenda | work it print
camo flats | wool panama hat

- A large, chic tote is essential for class! I carried a Vera Bradley one in college -

- I found a watch to be so handy (and an easy-cute accessory) throughout school -

- I love to switch out my phone case a couple of times a year & I'm eyeing this one -

- Even post-graduation, I like to carry a smaller notebook with me everywhere -

- A cute travel mug, water bottle or tumbler is perfect for staying hydrated all day -

- I wish I had owned this portable charger in college! -

- The older I get, the more papers I seem to accumulate, so I like storing mine in a very similar lucite file holder from Target (recent in-store find) -

- I'm old school and love using a physical planner. I've had a Kate Spade agenda on my wish list for ages - are they worth it?? -

- I love to have cute + inspirational prints hung and placed around my desk area -

- Ballet flats & loafers are your best friend for looking cute in comfort while walking around campus -

- I'm dying to own a wool hat this fall, and this one is perfect for those low messy bun days -


Thanks for reading! I hope you're enjoying the back to school season as well :)


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