Why I Love Having a Side Hustle (or Two)

cute wrap dress + a jean jacket
star print dress with a denim jacket
Last week I shared about how I balance my full time job and two side hustles. To build on that, I also wanted to share why I love having a side hustle or two!

While I personally love having a couple of side hustles and multiple streams of income, I know it's not for everyone and that not everyone needs to. You may make bank at your job and/or be completely fulfilled there and/or work crazy hours. And if any of those are you, you go girl! But for me, I love having multiple gigs...and below are four reasons why...

Working in communications/pr/social media, there are definitely some creative aspects to my job, but I'm still working for "the man" and at an office Monday through Friday. So, blogging and photography have been amazing creative outlets for me, and have already opened me up to amazing opportunities and learning experiences. I have the flexibility to create as much or as little as I want, and I get to explore a taste of being my own boss.

star print wrap dress
denim jacket + a captain's hat
 1 | You can explore different passions and interests
How many times I have you heard someone say something along the lines of "I wish I could go back in time and major in ____/switch to _____career"? While I definitely like my full time job and can't complain one bit, I also wouldn't say it's my absolute passion in life. At the same time, I can't see myself going back to school to do something else. I absolutely adore fashion and photography, so getting to explore those interests without necessarily locking myself into one career path has been a great choice for me so far. For example, I decided back in college that I didn't want to work in the fashion industry (like I thought I did), but I still get to connect with it (regardless of where I live) through this blog!

2 | You have multiple sources of income
Being "wealthy" really isn't a goal of mine (if it happens I'm great with it though 😉), but being financially stable and getting travel are both huge goals of mine. Having multiple streams of income helps Trey and I to achieve those goals! I also like having multiple options to fall back on if something crazy happens.
I'm no big-time blogger and my photography business is still pretty new, but both of these side hustles have already been a blessing financially. I would of course love to make more money blogging and to eventually actually cover the time I put into it, but I'm also not one to shove ads, affiliate links and "huge sales" down your throat. However, what little I've made has still been exciting for me, and blogging isn't really about the money for me anyways. However, in just a few short months of doing photography professionally, it's taken off so much faster than I expected and it's already allowed us to save up way faster for house projects and future travels. I can't wait to see where photography takes me in the future!  

3 | You learn more skill sets and build your resume more quickly
Sure, your resume will grow and improve with each job that you have and with the more responsibilities you take on there, but I feel like I'm growing my resume at double the pace by having side hustles. I've learned completely new skill sets, and significantly improved ones I already had. Not only do I have more to put on my resume, but I truly feel like a well-rounded professional and am confident in many different skills that I have.

4 | You get to dabble in being your own boss
I am absolutely not a risk-taker. The thought of quitting my steady job (with great benefits and retirement) is terrifying to me, but at the same time I do dream of being my own boss and maybe working from home one day. While I'm nowhere near ready to make that leap financially at this time, at least I'm developing side hustles that could help me achieve that dream and/or lead to other opportunities in the future... I also get to have 100% creative control over my own ventures, which is extremely difficult at times, but also extremely satisfying at the end of the day.

wrap dress styled for fall w/ a denim jacket, captain's cap and loafers
denim jacket over a dress
star print dress with a denim jacket and hat
Dress (c/o | runs short, but I'm 5'8")  |  Jacket (look for less here & here)  |  Hat  |  Similar Loafers here & hereNecklace

Do any of you have side hustles beyond your full-time gig? What benefits have you seen? I'd love to chat!

Thanks for reading, and have an amazing weekend! xx  

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