Your Everyday Photoshoot at a Tire Shop

plaid + a cute fall hat
vintage red car / retro plaid dress
vintage car + fashion
My friend Cassi and I were driving around the other day looking for fresh spots to shoot blog content, when we spotted this adorable vintage car sitting in a lot of castaways at a tire shop. We hopped out right away to take these, and they're easily some of my favorite blog post photos ever! The car happened to be unlocked, so oops... we also had to get a few snaps inside 🙈 it was just too good to pass up!

jumper/overall dress for fall
mad for plaid
how to style an overall/jumper dress
This dress is such a fun piece, and also such a steal! I love the vintage, yet trendy vibes 👌 The resurgence of old-school plaid is really starting to grow on me, and I'm planning a post of plaid finds ASAP!

cute overall dress
plaid dress in a vintage car
Photoshoot in a vintage car
Dress  |  Top  |  Hat (under $10!)  |  Similar Ankle Boots here & here

I hope you all had a fun Halloween! We didn't dress up this year, but had fun seeing our nieces and nephew in their costumes, and handing out candy at our house. I never lived in a neighborhood growing up, so I love living in one now and getting trick-or-treaters :)

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