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stripe palazzo pants, captain's cap
striped wide leg pants for fall

I'm not going to lie, it feels frivolous and stupid lately to be posting outfits when there is so much sadness and hate in the world right now. Non-essential clothing...material possessions... at the end of the day, does it matter at all? 

I grapple with this all the time. Is fashion blogging stupid? Does anyone really care? I really don't have the answers to those questions...

But, I can't help but think that it's okay to love something creative. That it's okay to have a bit of fun and to find ways to express yourself. Sometimes in a sad, heavy world, it's nice to have something fun and happy to escape to. That being said, I wasn't about to peddle a sweater on sale or my new boots yesterday. 

Am I changing the world on this space? No. In the grand scheme of things this blog really isn't important. But if I can make this a positive space, give you the idea for an outfit that you feel amazing in, distract you from the news for a minute, or be a positive role model to someone, then I feel like it's worth it. For now anyways. 

burgundy hat, ruffle top, stripe pants
stripe wide leg pants
burgundy captain's hat/baker boy cap
Hat  |  Similar Tops here & here (mine is F21)  |  Similar Pants here, here & here (mine are F21)  |  Shoes  |  Bag: Express in-store

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