My Christmas/December Wish List

I had some requests to share my Christmas wish list, so I kind of combined it with my December wish list! Sometimes it's hard to come up with a list of things to ask for for yourself, so I've been curating this for a few weeks now as I think of ideas! Hopefully it will give you some inspiration. I only put a few of the items in the collage, so make sure to check out the widgets below as well!

Trey and I are actually not exchanging gifts this Christmas. We leave next Friday for Utah, for a vacation with my family (more on that later), so we've been buying ski and winter clothes, and will spend extra money on experiences together :) I'm perfectly fine with that!

More items I'm loving and would ask for!

Other last minute ideas for yourself or for others (since Shopbop has free 3-day shipping)!

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