Blush & Black

Satin/silky top with ripped skinny jeans a belt
H&M silky top
Blush pink top paired with black
Pink and black fall/winter outfit
Black distressed skinny jeans from Express
Blush pink top
Pink silky top
Shirt  (under $25 and comes in 5 colors/prints)  Denim (purchased in a 'short' weirdly enough)
Belt  |  Ankle Boots  |  Bag  |  Choker

This shirt is a little bit pajama inspired, and maybe a little bit grandma-esque, but whatever it is I love it! This is definitely "my color" at the moment. As I shared in my November wish list post, I've been so drawn to all things mauve, rose and blush lately! Plus satin and silky textures are huge right now.
Fashion aside... please take the time to vote today! I know this presidential election has given most of us migraines and nightmares, but just remember all of the other important positions and amendments on ballots today that don't get talked about as much. Those are where I feel my votes actually make a difference anyways!

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