Work It Out [Affordable Activewear]

As cliche as it is, the new year is always a good time to reevaluate your workout goals after the holidays. Even with time off the last couple of weeks I failed majorly in the fitness department so after being lazy I'm now actually wanting to workout. I find that even something as small as a new sports bra or tank can be a good motivator though! I really don't like to spend much on my workout clothes, mainly because their primary purpose is for me to sweat in them. Plus, I'd rather save my money for shoes, purses, etc. ;)

These are some of my favorite affordable activewear finds that you didn't even know you needed. I wasn't planning to buy anything but I think I'm going to "need" a few of these...

Some of my favorites...

Forever 21 actually has surprisingly good workout apparel! My sister and I both buy from there and love their stuff (she's a college athlete who works out non-stop too). You can't go wrong with their unique tank tops for the price, plus that have really cute sports bras with interesting straps and designs. I want this marble-print sports bra!

Old Navy also makes pretty solid workout stuff. Further into spring watch out for their workout shorts - they're my favorite! I also love this 1/4 zip in the white. Bonus - they're offering 30% off their workout clothes right now with the code MORE4LESS.

Zella is a brand that Nordstrom carries, and while I haven't tried a ton of their stuff yet, I can attest that their leggings are the best and you don't have to pay Lulu Lemon prices! The 2,742 5-star reviews are absolutely accurate. I got mine for about $35 during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but they're honestly worth every penny of the $52. I wear them throughout the week with sweaters because they're nice and thick (and so slimming - they definitely hold everything in nicely! ;), and then hang out in them at night and on the weekends. I probably need to buy some more pairs to rotate haha...

If you've tried a great new workout lately I would love to know about it!


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