January Wish List

Cardigan | Brightening Masks here + here | Beanie
Cross-body Bag | Mittens (10 colors) | Curling Wand (use code 'amberfillerup' to get for $25)
Leather/Coated Leggings here + here | Eyeshadow | Pom Bag Charm

Today I'm back in the swing of things with my first wish list post of 2016! Fortunately I've done a good job the past few months of stocking up/fleshing out my collection of essentials (neutral sweaters, new jeans, ankle boots, black peacoat and leather jacket, hats, etc.), so for the rest of winter my plan is to buy just a handful of more "fun" purchases that can amp up my basics but keep me under budget. Although it may be boring for some, I find that when I stick to a couple of color palettes throughout my wardrobe that the mixing and matching potential is truly endless - hence, less you have to buy and less clutter in your closet ;) 

Without further ado, here are a few things I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe and beauty regimen in the next month or two...

- Pants - My collection of denim is pretty solid right now, but I would love to add a pair each of leather-looking leggings (fun to dress up with heels or dress down with sneakers+an oversized knit) and boyfriend jeans.

- More Gray - No surprise whatsoever, but gray is kind of my jam. I love the gray cardigan and jacket above and both can be styled so many ways! I recently purchased this gray turtleneck sweater (on the blog later this week) and can't recommend it enough!

- Adidas Sneakers - While I'm still torn on whether to get the Superstars or Stan Smiths, there is no doubt in my mind that I 'need' some Adidas sneakers in my life a-s-a-p.

- Brightening Masks - Thankfully my skin has cleared up tremendously over the past 6 months, but I do have a lot of acne scarring and dark spots from years of bad skin. I'm hoping a brightening/whitening mask will help to even out my skin tone! Do you have experience with any?

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