Rainy Day Inspiration

Trench | Boots | Umbrella | Scarf | Hat (only $12!)

We're getting some rain this week, which has reminded me that I'm probably the most unprepared person when it comes to rain. I do not currently own rain boots or even a fully functioning umbrella. The only rain jacket I have is a sporty-style one, and I love it, but it looks so insanely awkward over work attire (fun times running into work in a black waterproof jacket and pencil skirt). I've wanted Hunter boots for years and have got to make myself pull the trigger on them this year (especially because I have no shoes to wear in the snow either). Except - what color do I get?? Matte red, matte black, or something else? If you're not wanting to splurge on Hunters or don't like tall rain boots, I also love these and these that are ankle-height.

Also, I've always had the feeling that I can't pull of a trench coat, but I think if I go with a more draped style like above that I'll still feel myself in it since it's not as preppy. I just have a major mental block with them that I need to get over! I see girls looking chic in them all the time. 

Despite these gaping holes in my wardrobe, one of my favorite style tips when it rains is to wear a hat and scarf! Both of these pieces can always pull together a look in my opinion, but especially when it rains and you want to keep your hair dry -or- your hair is already a frizzy or limp disaster. I like to wrap my scarf around my neck but over my hair, and then top off my look with a hat. If it's a warm/muggy rainy day, a little cotton scarf like the one above is perfect!

Any rainy day items I need to know about??


More favorites (I've been having some tech issues, so didn't get to add all of my finds to this widget, but there's still a variety of everything in the collage)...

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