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I'm definitely a proponent of staying fit year-round, not just the duration of my New Years resolutions. However, I completely fell off the gym train during the past few holiday weeks and need to get my butt back in gear! Plus, with a wedding coming up in 6 months (OMG!), and engagement photos coming up in the next 2ish months, I am now feeling incredibly motivated to get in my workouts and to eat more healthily.

I've found that when I like what I'm wearing to workout in, that I'm so much more motivated and feel so much better about myself! Then, I'm worry-free and simply focus on my workout, rather feeling sloppy. I really could care less what other people think I look like at the gym, but wearing cute workout gear is a huge self-motivator for me.

Happy Workouts Ladies!

PS ~ Target, Forever 21, and Old Navy are probably my favorite places to buy workout attire (besides my ultimate favorite-Nike). They're all super affordable and change out their selection frequently. F21 makes great, lightweight tanks, and Target's sports bras are the 


  1. I'm with ya–Old Navy's workout gear rocks. I live for their full-leg leggings!

  2. I really need to start getting motivate to workout again. Cute workout clothes is key!

    xo - Sheila

  3. wedding in 6 months? oh my gosh - you are my idol! mine is in 7 and I've been engaged for 8ish and I'm stressed to the max! ps: one of everything above, please.

  4. OMG i cannot wait to see your wedding prep if you decide to share on the blog. and These picks are awesome I need to check F21 for cute tanks.

  5. Thanks for your kind visit darling! This fabulously chic array of sportswear has actually inspired me to get out and exercise!

  6. I love bright + happy workout gear- definitely my go-to gym style. :)
    Happy 2014!


  7. love these! Please check out my latest post! I think you'll enjoy!!


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