5 Simple Ways to Have a Healthier Day

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Health is all about balance, and doesn’t mean you have to eat strictly salads and do an hour of cardio every day. I certainly don't do either of those! Health and wellness mean soooo much more. It’s a balancing act and sometimes you just have to start small, and make a series of positive choices. Here are 5 simple things I do and that you can do to have a healthier day today and every day!

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Hydrate, first thing! As we sleep our bodies are working hard to digest food, regenerate cells, detox the body, and much more. So, when we wake up we’re actually dehydrated. I like to start my mornings by immediately hydrating! This gives me more energy and makes me feel so much better in the mornings! I used to feel terrible every morning - dizzy, exhausted, etc. After I go to the bathroom and take the dogs outside, I make a cup of hot lemon water or herbal tea, and also fill up my tumbler with ice water (often with a lemon slice and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt for electrolytes).

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Go for a quick walk. To be honest, I don’t get in a ton of steps day to day. I work a desk job, and also work on my computer every night at home, so other than photoshoots and workouts I’m not moving tons by any means. So, I like to incorporate some quick walks when I can to stimulate my circulation, refresh my brain, and burn a few calories. Most days I don’t have time for a 30-60 minute walk, but I do try to walk the dogs nearly every day (usually just a 10 minute walk to the field at the end of our street and back)! I do this mostly for them, but I sneakily benefit as well. Also, if I’m feeling stressed, anxious, or bored/cooped up at work, I’ll take a quick walk around the block! It’s such a nice way to break up a day full of sitting and staring at a computer. Sometimes I’ll throw in headphones and listen to music or a podcast, or other days I just want some silence away from the office for a few minutes. 

Add leafy greens to a meal. My skin and health have improved so much since incorporating more leafy greens into my diet (even though they’re not my favorite to eat in all honesty). Because I don’t love eating spinach on its own, I like to sneak it into my meals. For example, I put a cup of spinach in my morning smoothies, and like to put some in scrambled eggs as well. At lunch and dinner I’ll often make myself a little side salad, and instead of tacos I make taco salad bowls. It’s all about sneaking in your greens when you can!

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Park in the furthest parking spot. My dad has done this my whole life, and while I found it bizarre growing up, I now appreciate his eccentric practice! It forces you to move more! However, I do skip this when I’m alone at night :)

Put your phone away a little bit before you go to bed. I used to lay in bed staring at my phone every night, and not only did I get less sleep, but I was probably doing harm to my eyes and my brain as well with all of that blue light. Now, I set my alarm, plug in my phone, and turn it to silent before I even crawl in bed. Then I set it down and don’t look at it anymore, which helps me get to sleep a lot quicker (and have better sleep quality)! 

Cannon Beach, Oregon // striped jumpsuit
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