We Are What We Eat

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Do you remember hearing this phrase as a little kid and imagining yourself turning into a slice of pizza or an asparagus and thinking it was a bizarre thing to be told? Fast forward to adulthood and I get it now. While it’s still a funny little saying, there’s definitely truth to it. Eating a piece of fried chicken versus a piece of grilled salmon will definitely have different effects on your body and how you feel! 

What we eat determines so much about how we feel and how healthy we are - if our hormones and blood sugar are balanced, if our organs are working optimally, if our body is detoxing on its own, if our hearts are healthy, if our skin is glowing and clear, etc. So often we look first to medications and topical treatments to solve issues, instead of looking first at our diets and lifestyles. 

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When I started looking at nutrition as fuel it made it much easier to choose lean protein and leafy greens over white pasta and other starches. And the same goes with beverages… When I thought about cleansing my body (internally) and having clear, plump skin it made it easier to choose water over a soda. Think about this… if you put a bad quality gasoline or oil into your car, it’s not going to run optimally right? The same goes for us. We can’t expect to be running at our best off of soda, sugary granola bars, and french fries. What we choose to put in our bodies fuels us for our busy lives!  

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Do you want to feel energized or tired? Do you want to look refreshed or dull? Do you want to feel bloated or lean? These are questions I sometimes ask myself when I need to refocus. 

Focus on putting a balance of good quality protein, fiber, healthy fats, and greens + non-starchy vegetables on your plates every day and that leaves little room for the rest! Drink tons of water; It’s absolutely essential to every single part of your body. Then get ready to feel (and look) amazing.

location: Hillside Farmacy in Austin, TX
photos by Jo Johnson
dress (c/o Lulu's) |  sandals (c/o Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn)  |  sunglasses  |  earrings  |  necklace  

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