Tips for Hydrated Summer Hair

How to keep your hair hydrated in the summer

It can definitely be hard to keep your hair hydrated in the summer with all of the heat and sun exposure, especially if you color it! Ever since I've been blonde my hair has definitely been dryer overall, but I've been figuring out how to keep it hydrated, healthy and shiny regardless. I thought I would share a few tips that have worked well for me this summer! 

Deep Condition Every 1-2 Weeks
My hair is definitely healthier when I remember to do a deep conditioning treatment every one or two weeks! I don't usually have the time or patience to do a full-blown mask outside of the shower, but I'll use a deep conditioner in the shower while I shave my legs and such to repair damage and hydrate my hair. 

Tips for Hydrated Summer Hair

Incorporate Healthy Fats into your Diet
Since adding more healthy fats into my diet this summer I've seen a HUGE difference in my hair and skin! I aim to eat lots of salmon, avocados, eggs and almonds each week and cook with organic olive oil, avocado oil and ghee. I also started taking a fish oil supplement daily and that's helped too! My hair is healthy and growing, and my skin is definitely plumper (and glowing)!

Wear Your Hair Up a Few Days a Week
I used to heat style my hair pretty much every day, but now that I've realized the magic of top knots, I wear my hair up at least 3 days a week. I think it definitely helps to give my hair a break from my straightener and curling wand. Now I just need to get better at braiding!

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer - infuses moisture into your hair as you dry it

Update Your Hair Dryer
I used to rarely use a hair dryer because they would dry out my hair so badly, but the past couple of months I've been using the Panasonic EH-NA65 Nanoe Hair Dryer and I cannot believe how smooth and hydrated it leaves my hair. This hair dryer uses nanoe technology to infuse moisture into your hair while you blow dry, rather than drying it out. It uses nanoe ions, which retain approximately 1,000 times more moisture than a regular negative ion, so as you blow dry your hair it becomes smoother, shinier and more hydrated. These nanoe ions are so tiny that they can actually penetrate your hair and add moisture! I thought it was too good to be true, but my hair is truly so soft and shiny after using this hair dryer!

I also love that it comes with three attachments: a diffuser for curly or wavy hair, a quick-dry nozzle for an extra fast blow dry, and a concentrated nozzle for sleek blow-outs (what I used above). I had only used a standard hair dryer before, so these attachments have been fun to play with and have helped me learn how to style my hair in new ways!

And you know what else is great about it? You can purchase your own Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer at my favorite store 🙌It's available in select Target stores and on


Do you have any tips or products you swear by for keeping your hair hydrated, especially in the summer?  

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Panasonic. The opinions and text are all mine.

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