February Loves

spring/summer flat lay | gingham top
Top (c/o)  |  Mules (c/o | flat version here)  |  Bag (sold out)  |  Sunglasses  |  Necklace

Did you know my monthly favorites posts are back, but new and *hopefully* improved? If you missed last month's you can read it here.

Random Amazon purchase of the month:
* These $11 sunglasses. These zeroUV frames are so trendy and chic, and you would never guess they were only $11 and not $60+! All the credit goes to my friend Bri for this find. You'll continue to see a lot of these over the spring and summer months!

* ColorStory. This is a mobile phone photo editing app that I'm late to the game on but now completely love! It gives you so many editing options, and they have really beautiful filter packs as well. I'm currently enjoying the "Fawn" and "Flashes of Delight" filter packs. 
* Unfold. I've been using this app here and there over the past month to create layouts for my Instagram stories. Their layouts and fonts are are super pretty and chic, and are helpful for those of us who appreciate design but aren't great at executing it/creating from scratch.

Budget fashion find:
* Embroidered sweatshirt. A sweatshirt may be a strange favorite purchase, but I know I'll be wearing this little guy A LOT. I'm so drawn to pops of red right now, and I love the vintage, varsity feel. Also, Etoiles means "stars" in French. Cute, right?  

3 new beauty favorites | Love, Lenore
Beauty finds:
* The Ordinary Retinol Serum. First of all, this is a 2% retinol serum for $9.80! Yes, you read that right. I've been using it twice a week for 4-5 weeks now and I've noticed visibly brighter, smoother skin. Unfortunately I haven't found a cure for the hormonal acne flair-up on my chin, but hey, at least the rest of my skin is looking good!
* Native Deodorant. I've embarked on the natural deodorant transition, and I'm glad I picked a good one to start with! I got the coconut and vanilla scent, which smells delicious. Does it hold up just as well as my Dove spray deodorant? No lol. But, it's been pretty good so far! Also, Native has free shipping on all orders and you can Google coupon codes :)
* Prive Shine Mist. You can read more in this post, but I'm loving this mist for a bit of extra shine! It makes your hair super silky.

Binge-watch sesh:
* Younger. Trey was recently out of town for part of a weekend and being the introverted homebody that I am,  I made absolutely zero plans while he was gone other than a yoga class (*heaven*). I binge-watched two seasons of Younger (a TV Land show that streams on Hulu), and I love it so much! My friend Mary-Katherine turned me onto it and it's witty and delightful and fashionable.

Can't stop listening to:
* My Favorite Murder podcast. The title of the podcast is bizarre, and I waited for ages to try it out, but it's such a good podcast! The hosts Georgia and Karen tell true crime stories (mostly intriguing murder cases) but they're hilarious gals. It's worth giving a listen to! After listening to a few episodes, I actually started listening from the beginning, and I'm enjoying having so many to listen to (although it is making my slightly more paranoid haha).
* The Black Panther Soundtrack. Trey and I suck at going to movies and still haven't made it to the theater to see the actual movie, but we've been listening to the soundtrack A LOT. Kendrick Lamar + SZA + Khalid is a pretty amazing combo in my eyes (although there are many other artists on it too).  

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