Current Workout Routine + Favorite Workout Clothes

Beyond Yoga mesh leggings
my current workout routine & favorite workout clothes | Love, Lenore

Happy Friday! I'm feeling super burnt out at work these days, so to say I'm excited for the weekend is an understatement. Then I just have to get through next week and it's vacation time! 

One big way that I relieve work stress (and other stress) is through working out. What used to be a chore for me has really become a part of my life and something that I look forward to for the most part! I've been working out way more consistently the past few months, and I am starting to see a big difference, which is motivating me even more!

Read on for my current workout regimen, and my favorite workout wear! 

my current workout routine & favorite workout clothes | Love, Lenore
high-waisted leggings + a crop top

The past few months my regimen has been two spin classes/week, one yoga class/week, circuit and toning workouts at home (1-2/week), and occasionally a barre class. I've grown to absolutely love and look forward to my spin class, and now that I have cycling shoes and really know what I'm doing, I'm getting so much more out of it than I used it. What I like about spin is that it's not just cardio... It's also resistance training and it's something you can continually get better at by getting faster and by adding more resistance. My yoga instructor is incredible, and I love that her classes melt away my stress while also being a great workout. I love the relaxing aspect of yoga, but overall I like to get a workout out of my yoga classes. 

I don't want to get into too much detail about my routine in this post because I'm planning to change things up a bit soon. I'm definitely a believer in changing up workouts to keep your body guessing, so I've found a couple of programs I want to try! After our vacation I'm planning to tackle Kayla Itsines' 12-week Bikini Body Guide (BBG). They're short but HARD circuit workouts that have amazing results. I did this program before our wedding and was in such good shape, so I'd like to get to that point again! At this point I'm just trying to plan out how I can work it in with my workout classes without overdoing it. I also listened to the latest episode of the Skinny Confidential Podcast, which interviewed the founder of the PVolve method (I highly recommend listening). Everything he said really resonated with the goals that I have, and I think that method would be a good way to balance out spin classes. So I may subscribe to that streaming service after I do the BBG program.  

all-black gym outfit
workout crop top
Tank (similar)  |  Leggings  |  Jacket (c/o | sold out, but more options here)  |  Shoes: Adidas

Since working out more consistently, I've actually had a difficult time keeping up with laundry and realized I didn't have enough workout clothes I loved! Of course I'm never mad to have an excuse to shop for cute workout clothes.

Most of my workout tops are from Forever 21 and H&M. These are something I don't like to spend much on and I got for the cute + lightweight factor for the most part. My favorite tops to workout in are anything cropped since I'm always wearing high-waisted leggings. My favorite sports bras are from H&M, but I also have some I like from Target and Forever 21. I don't need much support, so I go for the comfortable and cute factors. All of my leggings are either Zella or Beyond Yoga and I love both brands! My essentials for leggings are that they're super high-waisted, and that they have compression. I hate a non-compression legging, so I'm super picky on this. For shoes, I've been loving my Adidas pair, and have found that their shoes seem to have more support than Nikes.

Here are some of my favorite finds if you're looking for new stuff too:

Tops & Sports Bras:

Leggings & Shorts:

Shoes & Accessories:

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