Five Random Thoughts this Friday

wrap top and mom jeans
winter-to-spring transition outfit
Why do short weeks feel so long??
Having a 3-day weekend was exactly what I needed in my life, but somehow this 4-day work week was not a breeze. I feel like something always goes a bit wrong on a short work week.

I cannot wait to get my hair done on Tuesday.
I go around 4 months between appointments (I'm so glad I can because it saves me money!), but I'm feeling especially ready for some fresh blonde and a big trim! My hair has actually grown A LOT for once (woohoo 🙌) so my highlights are pretty grown out and my ends are kind of thin and scraggly right now. I'm going to go back to more of a blunt chop, but hoping not to lose too much of my new length. 

Why am I craving dark chocolate like a crazy person lately?
I looked up some scientific reasons (a magnesium deficiency is one possibility I found), but I swear I want some after every meal this week!

The funny trick that made these jeans photographable.
I was laughing to myself while putting this post together because of the crazy hack Bri suggested to make my jeans "fit." I'm obsessed with these jeans (the Riley High Rise), and went up a size to get a looser look in the legs. Unfortunately that has left me with an absolutely gaping waist to where the jeans won't even stay up on their own (don't worry, they'll be visiting my alterations lady next week!). So, we grabbed a bottle of lotion I had in the car and stuck it in the waistband to make the jeans "fit." I felt like a complete weirdo, but looking at the photos I guess it worked!

I'm currently obsessed with... 
Do certain styles or trends ever just click with you and you find yourself adding different variations to your cart on several different sites? Me toooooo. I have so many cool statement earrings on my wish list right now, and love the options here, here and here (a dedicated earring blog post might be coming soon!). I'm also loving prints (florals and polka dots) and ruffle details. This brand is killing it in those departments right now. 

high-waisted mom jeans
scarf tied around a ponytail
light wash mom jeans
cute winter-to-spring transition outfit
top  |  jeans ("riley high rise" | I went up a size for a relaxed fit) (similar, less expensive options here)
boots  |  sunglasses  |  earrings  

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