2017 Highlights

You guys, thank you SO MUCH for following along this year! It's been a great one! It's truly been a pleasure to chat and connect with many of you throughout the year, and it means the world to me that you follow along and take the time to read, click links, leave comments, etc. I wanted to share this little look-back on the year, because it's been one worth celebrating for sure. 

  Visiting my Sister in Williamsburg, Virginia + DC with the Fam
In June we had a great visit to the east coast to visit my sister, who is a second year law student at William and Mary. We got to spend a few days in Williamsburg before heading to DC for a few days and had a great time with my family!

Nashville with Friends
In July we spent 5 or so days in Nashville with a group of friends and had an absolute blast! We rented an amazing AirBnB, went out on the town, cooked and played games together. It was a great summer trip!

A Quick Chicago Getaway with Trey
Trey and I drove up to Chicago for a one-night getaway to see J. Cole (our third J. Cole concert together!) and to explore the city! We fit in a lot in under 24 hours, but are definitely looking forward to going back and exploring more at some point. 

 Houston with Trey & my Fam for the Texas Bowl
We just got back from this quick trip on Thursday, and while Mizzou played poorly in the Texas Bowl and lost, we still had a great time and enjoyed seeing a new city.

And More...
In July Trey and I celebrated 3 years of being married!

Lulu turned 8 (6 of those have been with us!) and Russell turned 3 😌

Trey and I saw 4 big concerts this year: Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Chance the Rapper, and The Lumineers!

We've almost finished our master bathroom project, which was a complete gut-job. We're just waiting on trim, a couple of shelves, a door, and new towels + decor for it to be complete (don't worry, I'll do a blog post sometime in the next couple of months).

We got to visit my sister in Virginia, and she got to visit us in Missouri.

I got to go on fun visits and girls weekends with some amazing girlfriends. 

I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and blogged more lifestyle and personal content this year, which led to some amazing conversations with you guys! 

I launched my photography business, which took off much quicker than I expected! I didn't plan to be so busy this fall, but it was a huge blessing, and I hope that 2018 brings me many more wonderful clients and exciting opportunities!

Most importantly, Trey's dad's cancer prognosis is looking really good now after a tough road, and he's making progress every week. We are so incredibly grateful! 💛


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Much love xoxo

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