How I'm De-stressing Lately

floral Moon River sundress
red floral sundress
I've been a stresser for as long as I can remember, and to put it frankly, it succckkkksss. I hate when stress seems to take over me and I can feel my head pounding or heart anxiously beating.

 One of my big goals for 2017 was to get better at de-stressing and calming my anxiety, and I really do feel like I've made some progress. I don't think it's something I'll ever completely beat, but I feel like my mind is definitely quieter these last few months. So I wanted to share a few smallish things that have been helping both my mind and body to be less stressed...

Paper + Pen Organization
A couple of years ago I made the transition to using only a Google calendar, since that's what we use at my office. It's definitely efficient and convenient, but I realized recently that I really miss having a physical planner. There is something so soothing to me about writing out what I need to do with pen and paper. It helps me feel more organized, and soothes my mind when I can write things out versus having my to-do list floating around in my head. I ordered a planner and it's absolutely perfect! I've been staying organized between work deadlines, blog tasks, and just real life to-dos as well. 

I know, I know... so cliche. But getting back into yoga has helped me so incredibly much. I finally found an amazing yoga instructor where we live, and I leave each class feeling both stronger and calmer. I love that I can shut off my mind for an entire hour and just focus on connecting with my body. After owning my previous Target yoga mat for 10 years (seriously!) I treated myself to one of these mats, but also want to try this one.

More Water
I recently started drinking over 100oz of water a day, for reasons completely aside from stress, but by accident I've found that I feel better than ever and that it's helped my anxiety so much! I feel like by better hydrating myself, my mind and body feel so much more calm and healthy. As a result, I've also been drinking hardly any caffeine, which has also reduced my anxiety. I find I drink so much more water when I use one of my Corkcicle tumblers + these straws!     

ruffled floral sundress
Moon River floral sundress
red floral sundress
Dress (c/o)  |  Sunglasses  |  Sandals  |  Choker

When Lulu's sent me this dress, I was so so excited because I love red floral prints, and because I love anything by Moon River! Over the past year, Moon River has easily become one of my favorite brands for beautiful and unique pieces (i.e. the to-die-for ruffles on this dress)! Hands down my favorite places to shop for Moon River are Lulus and Shopbop

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