5 Places I Want to Travel in the US

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Trey and I try to travel as much as we possibly can (especially before starting a family), and are constantly talking about places we want to visit! We have a couple of trips planned for this summer, so travel has been on my mind daily as I prepare for those trips. Trey and I have never traveled internationally together, and it will definitely happen someday (our list is growing!), but for now we're trying to utilize vacation days and what money we can set aside to travel a lot within the US. There are soooo many incredible places to see around the world, but I think that we sometimes take our own [gigantic] country for granted and forget about all of the amazing places to see here too. 

SO...I thought I would share 5 places in the US that are high up on my list of where I want to travel! These are all places I haven't been but really really want to see (among a lonngg list of others).

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1 | Charleston, SC
I'll have to double check with my mom, but I think I may have spent a day in Charleston with my family as a kid. However, I don't remember a thing, so I'm not counting it ;) Charleston looks so charming and beautiful, and I love all of the colorful buildings and flowers. When Julia of Gal Meets Glam moved there I was sold on it being somewhere I had to visit. 

2 | National Parks in Utah
I love that there are 5 huge national parks in Utah (watch this video), and want to road trip out there so badly! We are not people who hike or spend a great deal of time outdoors, but I really want to do a hiking trip out there. Arches National Park has been in my top 5 destinations for a long time. I think it looks breathtaking. 

3 | Phoenix/Scottsdale
Trey has been to this area and loved it, so I'm dying to go! I think desert scenery is so beautiful, and they sound like such fun cities too! I just love the architecture/aesthetic vibe out there (from stalking pictures and real estate for years), so I know I would find it an inspiring place to travel. 

4 | Pacific Northwest
We have heard such good things about both Seattle and Portland, and observed how beautiful the scenery is in that part of the country, so this is somewhere we really want to go! I'm definitely drawn to the mixture of coastal scenery and nearby mountains (and all of the fresh seafood).

5 | Miami
I'm not a party gal and I think that's what a lot of people think of when referencing Miami, but I just think it looks gorgeous down there! I've barely been to Florida (Jacksonville for a few days), so I need to see more of it! I think Miami looks like a great time, and I'm always down for some white stucco, palm trees, and a view of the beach :)

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What places in the US are at the top of your list to visit?? Or what are some of your favorite places you've already visited? Leave a comment and let me know so I can add more places to my own list! 

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