Star Light, Star Bright - Favorite Starry Finds

star print top

I'm so so in love with star print everything right now! I've always loved stars and moons and anything celestial, so this trend is making me extremely happy. The photo above is from a post back in October, but Forever 21 has a couple of really similar tops again. There are some really cute star print tops & dresses out right now, but if you want to try out the trend more subtly, there are also lots of gorgeous accessories and you can always start small with a delicate necklace or choker. Here are some of my favorite star finds from around the web...☆★



I'm keeping this post short & sweet because I'm under the weather and had zero time over the weekend to prep blog posts. amazing was the end of the Super Bowl game?? I really was pretty neutral about who won, but I was just happy that it ended up being an exciting game! We did a spades card tournament with friends yesterday and ate lots of yummy Mexican food, so it was a great Sunday! My house is suffering from a busy weekend though... 😳🌀

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