January Favorites

I'm back with another installment of This Month's Favorites, and trying to make it a monthly thing again! I hope you enjoy! And if you have any requests for categories to include in the future, please let me know in the comments or chat me up on social media 🙆

BlankNYC faux leather jacket from Nordstrom
 Favorite Purchase
Faux leather jacket, on sale for $60
This was a hard decision this month because I've purchased several items that I'm so so happy with, but this faux leather jacket is my ultimate favorite! I've been looking for the right one for over a year, and this matched all my criteria. It looks and feels very high end, is flattering in the waist and arms, and it's on sale under $60. I can't recommend it enough!

BareMinerals eyeshadow palette
Favorite Beauty Buy
Up until this purchase, I've only owned one eyeshadow palette (this one) and used it nearly every day. What I love about palettes is that all of the colors are already designed to work together, and are kept in one tidy space. When I saw this palette I had to get it, and I'm so glad I did! This is my first time trying a BareMinerals palette and I'm impressed. I would say the colors take slightly more effort to blend than my Urban Decay palette, but the pigmentation lasts really well, and there is virtually no fallout when applying.

Favorite Recipe I Tried
Spicy Kale & Quinoa Black Bean Salad
I'm constantly on the lookout for healthy and easy recipes to try, and it helps make my meal planning and grocery shopping a little more exciting! I loved this healthy, interesting salad and found it was still delicious a couple of days later too. It definitely has a little bit of zing, but I loved it!

The Lumineers
Month Highlight
The Lumineers Concert
They were simply incredible live. I could go on and on but I'll spare you :)

Bell sleeve sweater
  Favorite Outfit Post
Mauve-Pink Bell Sleeve Sweater

Favorite Reads + Listens
Up & Vanished - podcast (so far I think I like it better than season 1 of Serial 😱)
The Ladygang ep. 59 with Kate Sommerville - podcast (I learned so much about skincare and it was one of my favorite things I've listened to in ages!)
 3 positivity mantras
10 Reasons You Need a Himalayan Salt Lamp (do any of you have one?? I think I want to try!)

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