Golden Hour

Winter black & white
Black distressed jeans
How to wear white in the fall & winter
Winter black and white
Detailed white blouse
Kendra Scott Bex earrings in black
Black and white winter outfit
Kendra Scott Bex earrings
Wearing white in the winter
Top  |  Jeans (wearing a 'short')  |  Boots  |  Hat  |  Bag  |  Earrings  |  Lips

I wanted to blog this white top again (last seen in this post) to show how you can still wear white and ivory tops in the fall and winter! I think it can be a really nice, unexpected styling choice. I've linked several other gorgeous options at the bottom of this post!

On Saturday, my blogging bestie Brianna and I shot pictures pretty much all day! It was one of the first cold days here, which was quite the rude awakening, but we managed to shoot quite a few outfits and get some images I'm really excited about! I know blog photography is so different from other types of photography, but I honestly feel like I could take photos and learn about photography all day every day. It's something I'm definitely developing a passion for!

Not gonna lie, Monday morning is hitting me like a ton of bricks, but I'm off of work Wednesday - Friday this week, so that's keeping me motivated today!

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