This Month's Favorites

First of all, Happy Halloween! I'm kind of sad because we aren't hosting our annual family Halloween party and didn't plan any costumes this year (just too much going on right now), but I'm still excited to hand out candy and see all of the cute costumes!

Soooo I haven't done one of these posts in a v long time (May. yikes.), but you guys seemed to enjoy them so I'm starting them back up. Based on the survey I did in the spring, I got a ton of interest in doing these every weekend, but I just haven't been able to get those off the ground yet. My job picked up quite a bit with a new boss over the summer and I just haven't had as much time and energy to dedicate to this space :( something that makes me really really sad.... I'm not ruling out weekly favorites posts for the future, but for now I'll at least get back into doing the monthly ones!

Favorite Purchase
Levi's 721 jeans (available here & here). I wear these all.the.time. See them in outfit posts here, here & here.

Favorite Reads
'Capture Your Style' by Aimee Song. Aimee has been a huge inspiration to me for many years, so I had to support and get her book! I'm only halfway through, but the imagery is beautiful and there are a lot of great tips.

Lauren Conrad's home tour is SO GOOD.

13 Easy Things You Can Do to Reduce Stress and Lead a Less Hectic Life

Favorite Outfit Post
I loved how this outfit came together and how the photos turned out! Shot by my friend Brianna of Gingham & Glam.

Favorite Beauty Finds

Colourpop 'Baracuda' - ultra satin lip. This is a deep berry that stays put really well and is only $6! I wore it in this post & this post.

Kenra Hot Spray. It smells amazing and doesn't give your hair a strange texture.

Amir Coconut Oil Miracle Leave-In Spray. This smells amazing and will make your hair so soft! I found it at Marshall's for about $6.

Current Favorite Songs
I absolutely love finding & sharing music, so I thought I would share a 'fall vibes' playlist with you guys! Enjoy, and let me know if you add any of these to your own playlists!  

Thank you so much for reading today, and anytime you stop by! I know I am a pretty small blogger, but I love the community I get to have with my readers and fellow bloggers, and I love creating content! If you have any post ideas/requests that you would like to see on here, please let me know by commenting on here, tweeting me, or shooting me an email!

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