Over-the-Knee Boots Under $170

20 over-the-knee boots under $150
Boots (photo is from this post)

Now that we're hitting boot season in full stride (oh puns ;) I thought I would do a roundup post with my favorite over-the-knee finds! I captioned this post with boots under $170, but most of the boots below are actually under $150 or even under $100!

 Over-the-knee boots have been huge for a few years now, but there are finallllyyy a lot of amazing options. I remember spending months last year looking for a pair of quality Stuart Weitzman look-a-likes under $150 and there weren't many options, but this year there are! Like tons and tons...and I want so many of them.

Let's talk pros, cons & tips really quick...
-OTK boots will make your legs look miles and miles and miles long and so thin. I always feel like a million bucks in them and so I recommend them to everybody.
-They can be a little intimidating to wear, especially if you don't live in a fashionable big city. If you want a more casual vibe, I would advise this pair I'm wearing above, or a flat/low-heel version!
-If you have thin calves and/or want a more fitted look in general, purchase a stretch suede boot. There are many below! Bonus points if they have a tie in the back.
-If you're more petite, look for boots that hit more at the knee on the model (like these) because those will probably be over-the-knee for you. If you're really tall, look for boots that are more in thigh-high territory and they'll hit you like an over-the-knee.

Tan over-the-knee boots
My find from last year that are still available here & on really sale here!

And now for the boots!

Much to my daily chagrin, I cannot link anything from Zara in these widgets. But, I found some fantastic, super affordable options there that I'll link here: stretch with a heel, flat/low heel with stretch, and this blue velvet pair that I am absolutely, 100% obsessed with.   

I purchased this black pair (pictured at the top) during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I love how casual and wearable they are + the quality is absolutely amazing. I know they'll last me years and years. However, I still really want a fitted, stretch suede black OTK boot. It's probably completely unnecessary to own two different pairs, but they're....different, right? ;) I'm thinking of saving up for these or these.

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