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 Since I live in a small town, and our nearest city doesn't have most of my favorite stores anyways, I do probably 90% of my shopping online! And also as a blogger, I tend to shop online more than most people because I'm constantly looking for great things to share with you guys. Despite it being tricky at times and having my fair share of online shopping failures, I've actually come to love it way more than shopping in person. I commonly get asked for tips and to help girls find outfits for certain occasions, so I thought I would share some things I've learned with you!

Plan What You Want to Buy/Look For
At any given time, I have a mental list or physical list of holes in my closet or general ideas of things I want. Once I've determined my shopping budget for the month I prioritize my purchases and plan out what I'm going to get and when. I also take the time to shop around for the best deal so that I can stretch my money as far as possible. I find that I do a way better job of sticking to my budget when I shop online because I actually plan my purchases rather than compulsively buying things.
Shop Around / Search for Other Images
If I find something I want to buy, I then like to do a quick Google search of that item for a variety of reasons... 
a) to see if it's being sold for less on another site (if it's not a brand specific to that retailer)
b) to see it photographed with different lighting and angles, and on different models or bloggers, and 
c) to read as many reviews as I can find.

I also will check out that brand's Instagram page to see if the item has been featured there.

Leave it in Your Cart
 Decisiveness is not a strength of mine, so sometimes when I'm shopping in person I either have a mini meltdown about if I should pull the trigger or not, and/or compulsively buy something I may not absolutely love or need. Sometimes I wait too long with things in my 'cart' and things sell out, but for the most part it helps me to be able to step away and evaluate if I really need that item. I try to leave something in my cart for at least a few days, and if I think about it 3+ times and can think of at least 3 ways to style it, then I'll seriously consider purchasing it. This strategy will help you avoid compulsive purchases that you may regret afterwards (especially when you check your bank statement)!

Watch for Free Shipping + Good Return Policies
This one's kind of a given, but it does make a huge difference. I'm pretty familiar with most retailers' shipping and return policies by now, and I'm definitely more apt to order from stores that always have free shipping and usually returns like Nordstrom, ASOS (over $35), Shopbop, Zara (over $50), and Urban Outfitters (over $50). I'll even frequently order multiple sizes from these stores just so I can have the benefit of picking the best fit and knowing that it won't cost me a thing to return the extra item (and can also get you over the free shipping limit ;). Stores that include Smart Labels in your package are a God-send as well. If a retailer doesn't always have free shipping but does offer it from time-to-time, I try to wait a bit. If you do want to return something, then make sure you actually return it! Don't miss out on getting your hard-earned money back just because you didn't make it to a post office drop box! And lastly, if a retailer has a sketchy return policy, then proceed with caution.

I hope this post was interesting and helpful! If you have any more questions, or ever need help finding something please let me know!

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