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I very rarely do inspiration posts, but lately all I've had on the brain is home decor! Plus, in my survey results so far I'm getting lots of requests for more lifestyle posts, including home decor and diy! We purchased our home in the summer of 2014 when we got married, and we've been very slowly and surely remodeling and decorating. Everything is so much more expensive and time consuming than you think it's going to be! Plus, I've been taking my time on decisions and purchases while I discover and hone in on my decorating style. Trey loves modern design, and I would put myself more on the contemporary scale. We both love neutrals (I could probably have all black, white and wood everything), and I love eclectic, funky accents. Until the last month or two, we hadn't worked on our home or made any purchases in quite awhile. However, this spring we've gotten motivated again and I'm sick of having an ugly and unfinished house! 

Right now we're working on decorating our master bedroom (we finally have a bed and bedroom furniture!) and chipping away at our living room. We love our couch and dining room table, but other than that we have a lot of pieces to fill in (new area rug, two accent chairs, four dining room chairs, wall art, shelf decor, and more). We bought this table for our dining space, and I'm thinking of going with Eames-inspired chairs. We're also hoping to completely remodel our master bath in the next couple of months! We're already purchased about 70% of what we need, so it's just a matter of finding the time to actually renovate (doing it ourselves with the help of some skilled family members). We haven't really used our master bath since we moved in because it's just not in great shape (also, heinous), so I'm so excited for that big improvement and added-value to our home! Down the road I'll show you before and after photos of our home as we complete rooms and renovation projects, but until then, here are some photos and designers I'm being inspired by lately! If you know of any good decor-themed blogs or Instagram and Pinterest accounts to follow please let me know! Amber Interiors is my all-time fav (love literally everything in this before/after), but I'm always looking for others.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a great weekend. Trey will be out of town all weekend, so I'm planning to paint our entire living room and dining room area (from gray to white!) to surprise him when he gets home. I'm pretty sure I'm being overly ambitious with what I can tackle in the amount of time I have, but pray for me and it might get done! ;)

If you'd like to see more home decor inspiration, follow me on Pinterest (shameless plug :)! AND if you know of any awesome artists or sites to get some eclectic and contemporary wall art from please link them in the comments or tweet me!

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