This Month's Favorites

Not going to lie, it's scaring me a bit that we're already 25% through 2016. I think it's been flying by because there have been so many good things going on though! Trey and I have already snuck in a few weekend trips as well as a vacation, we've spent lots of time with family, and kept busy with our many jobs. This month was a great one, and I'm looking forward to lots of exciting things coming up in the next couple of months, as well as more beautiful spring weather!

Favorite Purchase
These gorgeous Steve Madden heeled sandals. I promise there's not a more flattering shoe!

Favorite Spring Lip Color
I just color in my entire lip with the pencil! It gives you a great amount of color without being a bright pink (check out this post to get a better idea of the color). I would call it a good 'rose' shade!

Favorite Meal I Made
Nothing difficult, but I loved these whole wheat waffles with peaches, blackberries, and real maple syrup - delish!

Favorite Spring Snap
I'm in love with these blooms!

Favorite Outfit Post
Still loving this lace dress from earlier this week!

Favorite Beauty Finds
(Read more about the Goldfaden MD products in this post!)

This really well-researched post about the upcoming Instagram changes and why they might actually be a good thing

This blog post about how clothes make us feel (through the lenses of a couple of little ones)

This post on body image, comparison, and self talk. This truly hit home for me (tears) and is something I've been thinking about writing about for quite some time.

This article sharing healthy living secrets of some of the most gorgeous models & actresses (reading these things helps to keep me motivated!)

Cheers to a new month! May it bring warm sunny weather and lots of happy things! 

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