Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Even though I don't have kids yet, I still love buying stocking stuffers for my family. My mom has given my sister and I an ornament in our stockings every single Christmas since we were tiny, so now I have a sweet little collection that I cherish pulling out each year. I can't wait to start that tradition for my own kiddos someday! I love picking up special little gifts for people anyways, so during Christmas it's extra fun to pick up that one extra item for each person. 

Sometimes it's hard to get creative with stocking stuffers and by that I mean it's easy to get in an ornament and candy rut (both of which are still fabulous to receive though!). So, I hope that these ideas get the ball rolling! I've been doing all of my Christmas shopping online and fortunately there is still plenty of time to order and get in time for Christmas without paying for rush shipping :)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Love, Lenore

These things are obviously all pretty girly (with my favorite - a lot of beauty products), but several of these ideas can be tweaked for guys. Some suggestions are... A beanie, cologne, hair styling product, a phone case or unique socks (my guys loves taller patterned socks to wear with his dress shoes & boots).

I'll have some more gift guides out later this week + be sure to keep checking my 'Holiday' tab for all holiday-related content :)


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