Gift Guide for the Hostess &/or Homebody

Gifts for the hostess or homebody

Hopefully I'm not the only one who has frantically run to the store on the way to a holiday party to grab a bottle of wine for the hosts. While I will happily accept wine as a gift any day, I put together some affordable gift ideas that you can bring to a Christmas party, or give to a friend or family member that loves entertaining or decorating. I'm a bit of a homebody and love both decorating and having people over, so I appreciate gifts for the home that I can decorate with or use when I host dinners.

$10 & Under
  • Chic + witty tea towels. At just $5.99, these tea towels would make an adorable and super affordable gift that a hostess can spice up her kitchen with every holiday season.
  • Wine bottle cork. I have one of these and love it because it makes it easier to store my wine in the fridge, and it adds a touch of glam. This one is just $6.99 and is a great alternative to gifting a bottle of wine.
  • Mercury glass votive. At just $5 + a small candle, this votive would make a lovely gift that can be re-purposed in many ways (makeup brush holder, succulent pot, refilled with another candle, etc.).
  • Spoon rest. This is something I don't own that would actually be incredible useful + a cute addition to any kitchen. You can pick up this one for just $6.
  • Bottle opener. My only bottle opener at the moment is a part of my can opener. So not cute. At just $10, this gold one is super chic!
  • Pretty/unique mug. I know I'm not the only one who wants just about every Anthropologie mug ever made. This special edition mug comes out only at Christmastime each year (and usually sells out quick), but it's a favorite I reach for all year long. When gifting, I like to put a few k-cups or hot cocoa packets + a cinnamon stick or candy cane inside just to spice it up a bit.
  • Candle. A pretty fool-proof gift that just about everyone loves. This one is already wrapped and is only $6. Target, Marshalls & TJ Maxx are also great places to look!

$20 & Under
  •  Unique decorative pieces. This gold wishbone would make a fantastic coffee table accent piece placed on top of a stack of coffee table books!
  • Holiday cookie cutters. This set of copper cookie cutters is just $12.99 and would be adorable for someone who loves baking holiday goodies.
  • Jingle bell drink stirrer. For the friend who always has a perfectly curated bar cart, this darling drink stirrer would be the perfect gift.
  • Snowflake trivet. This trivet would be cute + festive for placing hot appetizers on at a holiday party.
  • Unique cookbook. We all know someone who actually loves to cook (both my mom & sister), so a unique cookbook that suites them can make for a special gift. I love the idea of this clean eating cookbook for just $16.

Over $20
  • Coaster set. A great set of coasters makes a chic addition to any coffee table + had a practical purpose as well. This gilded set is lovely, and I also recommend checking TJ Maxx and Marshalls for more steals.
  • Coffee table books. A well-curated stack of coffee table books serves as both a decorative element and a conversation starter. "Elements of Style" is one of my personal favorites.

Hopefully this gave you some fresh gift ideas! I've now placed several of these on my own wish list ;)


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