Midi/Maxi Dresses

For some reason this summer all I want to wear is dresses! Even with it being as hot as it is right now, I'm kind of dreading wearing jeans when it cools off in the fall and winter. Dresses are just so much easier (and comfier)! I tend to be really inspired by the style in places I visit, and every time I visit California I just feel like my style is 'at home' there... Lots of sundresses, neutrals, earth tones, breezy cotton, stripes, white, distressed denim...and minimal, slightly bohemian style. It's like all of my favorite fashion things wrapped up in one place!

I've bought dresses more than anything else this summer and am especially loving midi and maxi dresses at the moment. You can slip one on and your outfit is nearly complete! I purchased this simple midi for $7 (go order it right now!), and really really want this boho maxi, this midi in the stripes, and this off-the-shoulder maxi.

Click the images to shop! Most of these are well under $40 (6 are even under $20!), but a few are in the $50-70 range.  
Anyone else going a little dress crazy this season?


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