What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

We are right in the middle of wedding season, and while I probably should have done this post a month ago, I would say most of us still have at least one wedding coming up! Trey, my family and I are traveling to San Francisco at the very end of this month for my cousin's wedding, and then my sister and I both have at least one more wedding each this summer, so we've been talking a lot about what we're going to wear! You know I love an excuse to dress up (especially now that I live in a smaller town), so picking outfits for weddings is so fun to me. Here are some general rules of thumb that I follow:
  • I personally avoid wearing white, or at least all-white, to weddings because I think you should let the bride completely stand out. I do think black is perfectly fine though, especially for formal weddings!
  • Don't wear anything too short/tight or low-cut. You want to be able to dance at the reception + no one wants some crazy wardrobe malfunction after having several glasses of wine ;)
  • I love my stilettos and do wear them to quite a few weddings, especially if they're indoors and also to weddings where I know there won't be a lot of dancing. However, for outdoor weddings and dancing, I love wearing wedges! Honestly, they're just so much more comfortable and there's a way greater chance you won't be leaving at the end of the night carrying your shoes (haha). A lot of wedges are more on the casual side, so metallic wedges are a good way to keep your outfit dressy.
  • Get a feel for the style of the wedding from invitation, bride, or mutual friends. That way you won't show up at a super formal wedding in a bohemian sundress or won't be overdressed at a more casual outdoor wedding.
  • Shorter, midi and maxi/floor length skirts and dresses are all a 'do'! Just gauge the dressiness of your dress for that particular wedding (and weather), and you can always dress up your look with accessories and jewelry. Dressier rompers and jumpsuits are also a yes in my book!
  • Don't be afraid to treat yourself to a new dress for a special wedding coming up, or re-work a dress you already own! In the case of my cousin's wedding, I decided I would rather use some extra money I had to buy some fun clothes I wanted for our trip, and re-wear a really pretty, formal dress I have in my closet but have only gotten to wear once.
  • Tailor your dress to the wedding with your accessories! I talk in at least one post per week about dressing things up and down, and shoes and bags are my number one way to do this. For example, I have a simple black midi dress that I can wear SO many ways... with flat sandals and a hat to the lake or a casual dinner, or with heels, a clutch and statement earrings for a nice wedding, event or date. So, if you can't spend the money on a new dress simply shop your own closet and get creative with accessories!
If you are in fact in the market for an outfit for an upcoming event or wedding, I've included some of my favorite finds that I think would be absolutely perfect (and re-wearable in the future)! The first place I look online when I need a dress for something is ASOS, because they have such unique pieces, a wide range of prices, and free shipping both ways! If I was going to buy a dress for the upcoming weddings it would 100% be this one. I'm obsessed.

All of these finds are under $100 except for one! Simply click to shop :)

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