Favorite At-Home Workouts

 Tank: Old Navy | Leggings: Nike (similar pair that I want!) | Pullover: Old Navy
Shoes: Nike (sizes available here & here; go down 1/2 size) | Sports Bra: Target (similar)

This is a different type of look for me to post, but I spend a lot of time in workout clothes! Usually when I get home from work I want to change into the comfiest clothes I can find + I try to workout at least 3 evenings a week. To be honest, I'm not really the type to dress up on a Saturday to go to Wal-mart either, so cute, easy workout clothes are a must for me!

As for actually working out, I'm trying to get back in the groove of it and figure out how to do it on my own. Mizzou has one of the best rec centers in the country, plus I walked across a huge campus multiple times a day, so I always stayed quite active in college. Last year I had a gym membership that included amazing classes, so those kept me motivated and in great shape. Then I got married and moved... I don't have a gym membership anymore and haven't found any classes here that I love so far, so I've been trying a lot of different workouts at home and figuring out a routine that works for me! For those of you who have to workout at home or simply prefer it (I do for the most part), I wanted to share some workouts I've been doing that are helping me tone back up and get more fit!

     -Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide: If you don't follow Kayla on Instagram you definitely should. She's such a positive role model for health, and the makeovers from her plan are pretty amazing. I have her Bikini Body Guide, and the workouts are only 28 minutes, but they're pretty stinkin hard! However, they definitely work and I like that I can work hard and get in a good workout super quick. I don't 100% follow her plan because I like to mix up my workouts, but I've been doing about 2 of her workouts each week and they definitely make a big difference. [Helpful hint: Her book is actually an ebook that you download as a PDF, meaning that you can split the cost with a friend if you need to and simply email the PDF to the other person. I went in on it with a friend and it was the best $30 I've spent!]

     -Tone It Up Youtube videos: I love Tone It Up workouts! Their videos are typically between 12 and 15 minutes long and span a lot of different workout types and areas to target, so they're great if you want to mix and match and really customize what you do that day. I will usually pick 2 or 3 videos and do them all in a row.

     -Ballet Beautiful Classic 60 Minute Workout: This is totally the type of workout that looks and feels super easy at first but ends up totally killing you. I spent so many years dancing, that I love dance-inspired workouts. Mary Helen Bowers, the former professional ballerina who created this method, trains several Victoria's Secret Angels and her focus is to tone your muscles while making them longer and leaner (definitely my style).

All of these are 100% doable at home and require minimal equipment! I have a yoga mat and a couple of pairs of dumbbells, and I've been able to get by with those. That being said, I want to buy some more equipment soon (a kettle bell and foam roller are next on my list), but I've been able to workout very effectively with what little I have, so I promise you can too! Let me know if you have any questions about any of this :)


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