Summer Trends: Accessories

Slide Sandals: pictured | want these | love these and these
Metallic Sandals: pictured | love these and these | metallic silver sandals
Espadrilles: pictured | more espadrille wedges | super affordable espadrilles
Bucket Bags: pictured | own this one | more bucket bags
Canteen Bags: pictured (obsessed) | dream bag | affordable options here, here
Crossbody Bags: pictured | affordable option | still want this one
Panama Hats: pictured | own this one | more options here, here
Wide-Brim Hats: pictured | own this one | love this one and this one
Tassel Jewelry: pictured: earrings & bracelet | love this necklace
Clear Sunnies: pictured | also love these and these

I love following the trends for each season, especially ones that cross between seasons and really become staples. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite accessory trends for this upcoming summer season that aren't too trendy and in my opinion are worth purchasing/investing in! These will all make your outfits feel very fresh and of-the-moment, even if you're remixing some older clothing items (which I do almost daily) - the beauty of accessories! I was originally going to do one huge summer trend report that included both clothes and accessories, but it was becoming so massive, so I am splitting them up! I'm hoping to have the clothes one up next week :)

What are your favorite trends this season, and what are you busy adding to your closet??


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