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Last weekend I shared on Instagram that I recently switched over a bunch of my makeup products to MAC. True story: I went to the MAC counter to buy a red lipstick and walked away with foundation, powder, blush, highlighting cream, a brush...and then a lipstick and lip liner. I was too impressed to walk away and go back to many of my old products. I think my bank account is still in mourning, but in the past few weeks of using my new makeup I've never felt more confident in how my makeup looks.

Wearing and experimenting with makeup and different products has definitely been a huge learning curve for me. I was a [very] late bloomer with makeup, but now absolutely love it and am slowly but surely mastering it! I've also switched over to a few other new products from other brands in recent months, but I thought I would stick to my new MAC products today since it's already a lot to cover and because MAC was completely new to me.

I know I'm not a "beauty blogger," but I do love makeup and want to mix in beauty posts more on here. Plus I felt so strongly about how great these products are that I just had to share with you!

Foundation has always been my biggest struggle. Formulas that are too lightweight don't give me enough coverage and don't last on my skin past my lunch break, and many full coverage foundations give me the coverage I want but are too thick and end up caking up on my dry/combination skin. This foundation is the perfect balance! Lightweight feeling and very natural looking with a glow, but with good coverage that stays put. The makeup artist described it as a fuller coverage foundation for dry skin (ding ding ding!). I apply by squeezing a little bit on the back of my hand, putting little dots of it all over my face, blotting in a light all-over layer with a foundation brush, and then adding just a bit more to problem areas and around my nose.

Mineralize Skinfinish (color: A93 Medium Plus)
I haven't used powder for awhile because it's always ended up looking too dry and matte for my taste, but this is not your average powder. It totally gives you that perfected, airbrushed look but with a very natural glow. It's got a bit of a tint so it helps to blend in your foundation and concealer, and is amazing for touch-ups (I rarely have to touch up my actual foundation now).

This is actually what the makeup artist recommended for me to use with the mineralize skinfinish, which surprised me. I guess I'm just used to using a large brush for powder! I am no expert on which brushes to use for what, but it does work really well for my powder. Other than some shedding I've been happy with it!

Mineralize Blush (color: Warm Soul)
I think many of us have probably been traumatized by wearing blushes and bronzers that were too shimmery before, and as a result I've worn very matte bronzers and blushes the last couple of years. This blush, however, creates a gorgeous radiant glow and the color Warm Soul definitely seems to be a universally flattering peach tone (I've now discovered I have multiple friends with this exact color). I love this product! It puts my previous BareMinerals blush to absolute shame and stays put way longer too.

Prep + Prime Highlighter (color: Radiant Rose)
I honestly didn't even realize how much I needed this product. I've had very dark circles under my eyes since I was a little kid, so concealer has always been a 100% must. But when the makeup artist blended this in on top of my concealer it brightened the under eye area so much and there was no leaving the store without it! I apply it in the little wedge area under my eye and then down just on the top of my cheekbone, and it creates such a pretty glow that brightens the area and reflects the eye away from any darkness there.

Lipstick (color: Ruby Woo)
I've already talked about my hunt for the perfect red lip and how much I love my first MAC lipstick in a recent post, but I'll still touch on it here. IT IS AMAZING. Seriously, it is worth the extra money 100%. Every time I wear it I'm in disbelief over how long it lasts, and it's so nice to not be worried about how my lipstick looks 2 hours into a meeting or after eating a meal. I do touch it up once or sometimes twice in a full 12+ hours of wearing it, but it's only a very slight touch-up and nothing like having to fully reapply every other lipstick I've ever tried multiple times a day. It's also a really nice matte so it doesn't smudge, and if my lips start getting chapped I just dab a touch of lip balm or gloss on top. Basically, it's the bees knees and I can't wait to buy more colors!


I'd love to hear what MAC products you use on a daily basis, and what products you've tried and loved or not loved! I definitely plan to try more of their products in the future, and want more blush and lipstick colors! Thanks so much for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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