The Red Lip

Sweater: H&M (sold out in the cream) | Scarf: Aerie (on sale!) | Hat: Prima Donna | Lips: MAC 'Ruby Woo'

The classic red lip. So chic, but so daunting. I had never owned a true red lipstick until just a couple of weeks ago when I was suddenly determined I needed one!

You all know how much I love wearing neutrals. I love that they can be classic, edgy, versatile, or whatever you need them to be. And they're my number one tip for maximizing a smaller budget and wardrobe (hello mix-and-match). Because I wear so many neutral pieces and outfits, I love that a simple red lip can serve as a pop of color.

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I knew I wanted a great quality lip color that would compliment my skin tone and stay put! The thought of red lipstick smearing on your face isn't exactly a great one. I had no idea what type of red would work best on me, so I wanted an expert opinion. I've always heard how amazing MAC lipstick is, so I thought it was the perfect time to try one out and invest. I headed to the MAC counter a couple of weekends ago so that one of their makeup artists could pick out some options for me, and so that I could actually try them on, which ended up being a great decision.

I decided on Ruby Woo, which now has its own accompanying lip pencil (that I also purchased), and love it! It's vibrant but matte, and stays put so nicely.

Lip color: MAC 'Ruby Woo' | Nail color: Essie 'Blanc'

Tips for applying:
  • Exfoliate: I will usually gently exfoliate my lips using a warm, damp wash cloth. If I'm on-the-go or already in the office, I'll use this great lip exfoliation stick that's always floating in the bottom of my purse and then wipe it off with a napkin. I've also heard good things about this lip exfoliator.
  • Moisturize: I then apply a light layer of lip balm (this one is nice and light) because I like to lock in some moisture under my lipsticks and stains (especially if they're matte). If I feel like my lips are a little too balmy/slippery, I will lightly blot some of the balm off.
  • Line: I've always gotten away without using a lip liner with either lighter lipsticks or darker lipstains that I can have good control of. However, I knew with red that it was worth the extra investment to pick up a liner to keep the color neat and in place. I've also heard you can just buy a 'universal' lip liner that's nude and can work with all of your lip colors... Anyone have any experience with this?

Do you have a signature red lip? I'd love to hear what you use!


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