2015 Wish List | Things I'm Saving For


I've been wanting to share my longer-term wish list with you for awhile now, but really wanted to hone in on what I wanted first. Putting together this official list of what I'm saving for has completely motivated me to start saving and prioritizing my purchases! To some this may not look like much, and to others this may look like a lot, and while I won't be able to get all of these this year, it's nice to set some goals. You'll notice that everything falls within a specific color palette... I've really identified my style this year and want to invest in chic, fairly minimal neutral pieces that will be versatile and timeless.

This is the year that I want to start buying nicer handbags, and Rebecca Minkoff bags have been at the top of my list for quite awhile. Her bags are exactly my style (it was nearly impossible to narrow my list down to 3 for this), and are great designer quality at a still-attainable price point. While I will forever dream of owning a Chanel Boy Bag, the Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody is a really gorgeous alternative and thousands of dollars cheaper. I love that it and the Medium M.A.B. tote are very classic, chic designs that I know I will love for a very long time if not forever. I've also wanted that Gigi New York clutch for ages and need to commit soon! I think every girl should own a nice, versatile clutch.

I also want to invest in a couple of pairs of great sunglasses this year. I've liked the Karen Walker Super Dupers on absolutely everyone and have worn the heck out of my cheap dupes, so I know I would adore these. The only decision is - black or tortoise? I also bought my first pair of Ray-Ban aviators in NYC this summer and would love them in black. The Karen Walkers are my priority though.

I know that I'll need a new gold watch within the next year. I love my Fossil watch and have worn it nearly every day for over a year, and some of the color is starting to scrape off. So for my next watch I want to invest in a higher quality brand and a watch that's color will hold up for a long time. Any recommendations for me?? I know MK watches are extremely popular.

And some smaller things... I need to replace my old, ugly wallet and have narrowed it down to these Rebecca Minkoff and Kate Spade beauties. I also need to replace my black pumps and add a nude pair to my collection. And last but not least, Kendra Scott earrings aren't a huge splurge by any means, but I want to buy a pair in the next few months and start buying primarily higher-quality jewelry like Kendra Scott, Loren Hope and BaubleBar (my absolute favorites).

Any advice for me or personal experience with these pieces and other investment pieces? What's worth splurging on for you and what do you save on?


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