Tropical Print | DC

 Tank top: H&M | Shorts: Old Navy (sold out online | LOVE these, these and these!)
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Watch: Fossil | Bracelets: Lily and Laura

 I don't know how it's possibly been over a week already, but last Sunday we did a bunch of sightseeing in DC. I hadn't been there since I was little, so it was amazing to see all of the sites at the National Mall again as an adult. That Lincoln

These shorts are not something I would normally pick out, but I loved the pink and wanted lots of fun (and comfy) shorts for our trip. I'm sad that these have sold out, but I still wanted to post them! They were nice and lightweight for the heat that day and I love that they're high-waisted!


And now I'll leave you all with a dorky tourist photo of me in front of the White House. Oh hey Obamas!


  1. I'll be in DC this week so I am even more excited now. You look so precious.

  2. Those shorts are super cute. And I love how you styled them. Great outfit.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post...

  3. cute! I love the shorts:)

  4. OBSESSED with those shorts–they look so comfy!

  5. You're too cute. Love these shorts + the all-black pieces. Makes 'em stand out even more! Great print. :)


  6. We adore your shorts and the way you styled it! You are just outstanding :)
    We are happy we have started following you :))
    Stay best and have a beautiful day!

  7. It can be so fun to buy something you wouldn't normally wear-- some of my favorite items actually started as "These deviate from my usual style but I think I like them" purchases haha. And the shorts look amazing on you!!

    Congrats on getting married!! Can't wait to see the pics!

  8. I’m a big fan of patterned shorts/pants and these are spot on! Lookin’ good friend!


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