succulent + cacti mini garden.

I've been wanting a few succulents and cacti to freshen up my bedroom and recently made them into a mini garden! I picked up these little guys from Lowe's (they actually had a great selection). 

My pot (on the right) didn't have any holes for draining so I cut a plastic pot liner down to size and then used potting soil. If you find the right sized pot with draining holes, then you can skip this step of course! Although this way I don't have to move my pot when I water it or have it sitting on a plate. Also, my sister's mini garden is on the left :)  

Some facts & tips about succulents:
1. Cacti are actually succulents, as are aloe and agave
2. Succulents like bright light, but too much direct sunlight can damage certain types
3. Succulents do not like sitting in water, which will cause them to rot! In order to avoid this, use a pot and soil that drain well, water just a little bit at a time, and cut back how often you water in the winter. There are also potting soils that are designed for succulents in that they drain quickly 

And now (a few weeks later) my little garden is at home on a vintage suitcase table next to a stack of Vogues :) They're loving all the light by my window, and the cactus on the left is growing and blooming like crazy!

Hope you've had a great weekend! I can't believe how quickly it's gone by... 



  1. Hi Jacy, this is such a great idea for an indoor plant feature. It looks really cute placed together.

  2. I love this! I don't have any plants in my room but I've always wanted to have some. This is such a great DIY idea:)

  3. I think succulents make for the most adorable plants on kitchen window sills! Your's look so lovely, I know they're brighten up any space in your house!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  4. I love this idea, they look so cute! I'm terrible at keeping plants alive though but maybe I should try succulents...

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