My Graduation!

I couldn't be more thankful for my wonderful, supportive and encouraging parents! They've pushed me hard over the years, but it's enabled me to do so many great things and I'm blessed to have them as my parents!

How gorgeous is my sister?? I'm so incredibly proud of her... She is a college swimmer and pre-law student and kicks some serious butt at everything! Love her to death!
Meeting my boyfriend Trey was without a doubt the highlight of college for me! This year he'll be achieving his dreams by teaching and coaching football and I'm so proud of him! Truly can't imagine life without him :)

My dear friend Haley surprised me at my graduation ceremony Friday night and it was the sweetest thing ever! We've been best friends since freshman year of high school and have maintained an amazing friendship even while I've been away at college. I can't wait to be in her wedding in October! :)

These girls... Two of my roommates and very best friends! Ashley and Lauren have been such a huge part of my college experience and are truly great friends! I'm so thankful to have found lifelong friends while in college. 

 My graduation dress!
Dress: old from Elly's Couture in Columbia
Shoes: Target (these are amazing! they're exactly like the Steve Madden and Zara versions, so I highly recommend them. also, I apologize for my gross tan lines! haha)

 I'm now a Mizzou alum and couldn't be more excited! I have officially graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Missouri School of Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communication and Minor in Business! I don't know how four years could possibly go by so quickly, but I had a fantastic college experience and met some amazing people along the way. I'm definitely going to miss it, but am so excited to see what the next chapter of my life holds!

I'll be back with an outfit post Very soon :) Sorry for the recent irregularity!



  1. Congratulations on your graduation Jacy!! So exciting and Well Done on this great achievement, you looked so beautiful on the day. You have a lovely family and your sister is so adorable. You and They make the sweetest couple. Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories with us.

  2. Congrats! You look so pretty!

  3. Congrats on your graduation! So exciting!! You look fab in your cap and gown and in that gorgeous dress! Love your shoes!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post. Thank you :)


  4. Congratulations darling, college sounded like a great experience and adventure and truly wishing you all the best in the next chapter onwards!


  5. Jacy that is so awesome! And you graduated with honors which is an even bigger achievement! Congrats my friend:)! Enjoy these special moments! The world is your oyster! P.S. You looked absolutely stunning! Can't believe you scored those ankle strap heels at TARGET!!! They look identical to the steve madden ones!

  6. Big congrats to you on your graduation, Jacy! That's so exciting :) You looked totally gorgeous, as usual, that dress looks amazing on you!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  7. Way to go girl!! What an accomplishment! I'm sure really great things are in store for you:) I'm just jealous that you have a tan, so I don't mind the tan lines...haha.

  8. congrats!!! how exciting! welcome to the next chapter~!

    that dress is killing me! so pretty~! the shoulder details is the best part!


  9. Congrats Jacy that is such an amazing achievement , you have a beautiful family hun and you are blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people and finally GIRL!!! how gorgeous do you look in that dress?! wow.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  10. Qué guapa!!!! Felicidades!!
    Un beso!

  11. Parabéns! Congrats!
    Muito linda, você e sua fammília!

  12. Congratulations on this very impt milestone of your life!!! You look wonderful in that LBD!


  13. Congrats, lady! You should be so proud! You looked gorgeous on your graduation day, too :)

  14. Congrats girl! You looked absolutely gorgeous. I know that graduating is the best feeling ever too, hope you've done lots of celebrating! xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  15. Congrats Girly!

  16. Congratulations!! Super exciting!

    Rachel Ashley


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