The Best Face Mask + Spot Treatment for Acne

The best face mask & spot treatment for acne

I've been dying to share this magical skincare product with you guys because it is seriously transforming my skin (and no, this isn't sponsored or gifted)! A couple of months ago my sister told me about the LEROSETT clay mask by Gunilla of Sweden, and I ordered it that day. Now I'm on my second tube because it really is that good and I use it every single day!

So you know acne has unfortunately been my companion for many years, and I'm constantly looking for ways to clear it up holistically through nutrition, skincare, supplements and more. Most topical products don't do much for me, but this is one that I saw a difference from in just a couple of days.

How it works...
LEROSETT is a mineral-rich ionic clay, which is literally magnetic. According to Gunilla of Sweden's website, when activated by water, the clay particles "act as a (- charged) magnet to pull (+ charged) pimple-causing impurities (like oil, and dead skin cells) and toxins onto the clay particle and out of your skin." And...  the high levels of zinc and other minerals help minimize oil production and aid in healing damaged skin.

As a mask...
If you have active breakouts, they recommend applying a very thin layer of the mask allover both morning and night and leaving it on until it dries (usually only about 5-10 minutes for me). As your skin starts to clear over time, you can experiment with cutting back a bit. To this day I still use it every night after taking off my makeup and washing my face, and I use it some mornings as-needed.

As a spot treatment...
I use this as a spot treatment on any active pimples every single night and without fail, I always see a huge improvement by the morning! I find that if a pimple does come to the surface, using this spot treatment will speed up its life cycle and make it go away so much faster (I'm talking like half the time if not even less). It's be far the most effective spot treatment I've ever used!

Needless to say I owe my sister BIG TIME for telling me to order this! It's been my best kept secret lately, but I had to share with you guys. Have I sold you on it yet??

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