10 Simple Things that Make me Happy (and a Sephora Giveaway!)

I’m definitely a believer in looking for the good in each day, and I also love little routines, so the simple things in life often bring me so much happiness! Of course traveling to amazing destinations and celebrating life milestones make me incredibly happy, but those don’t happen all the time, so I think it’s important to find what makes you happy and what you’re grateful for in your everyday life. 

I thought I would share 10 things that make me happy in everyday life, and I challenge you to make your own list! 

Diffusing essential oils
I’m still fairly new to the essential oil world, but the past several months I’ve loved diffusing them in our home each day! Not only do they make our home smell better and create a relaxing atmosphere, but they have a number of health benefits such as purifying the air and relieving headaches or stress. I have a few diffusers, but this one is my favorite (and by far the cheapest), I use Young Living oils because the quality is the best I’ve found (a little goes a long way)!

Finding a kickass new song or album and listening to it on repeat
I’m so bad about this, but when I find new music I love I have the listening habits of a 14-year-old girl and listen on serious repeat. Lately I’m loving Mac Miller’s new album “Swimming” and the song “Give a Little” by Maggie Rogers.

Cuddling with my doggies
Our dogs are definitely our babies, and even though our furniture would look 5x better if they weren’t allowed up there, we can’t help but to enjoy snuggling with them every day. Russell, especially, loves to cuddle and most nights he sleeps curled up against my stomach.

Getting into bed with clean sheets
So, this technically only happens once a week, but I love starting out a new week with clean sheets. It’s such a calming feeling!

Morning quiet time
I’ll share more about this in a future post, but ever since I started carving out a bit of quiet time in the mornings I’ve felt so much more awake and calm going into each day. It’s such a nice way to ease into the day, and I love to sip on my hot lemon water during this time.

Having plants around the house
I love having a bit of life and greenery around the house, and am so fond of my house plants! I had one die last week and I’m so sad about that poor little cactus! However, it does give me the excuse to pick out a new one :)

Planning for an upcoming trip
Trip planning has recently become such a fun activity to me, and fortunately I have quite a few to research and plan over the course of this year! I love everything from researching beautiful spots to visit to finding amazing restaurants to planning out which outfits I’ll bring (and photograph). I recently started making Google Docs and Sheets for different locations so that when I happen to find something cool or see a great recommendation I can add it to my list for that destination! 

Having an entire evening at home with Trey
Even though we don’t spend every moment together when we’re both home, it still makes me so happy when we both get to be home for an evening! Even simple things like watching a tv show while we eat dinner or researching a trip together make me super happy! And the dogs love it when we’re both home too :)

Drinking herbal teas
This summer I’ve really gotten into a hot tea habit (probably a weird time of year for that!), and it’s a habit I’m really happy about! I find herbal teas to be so soothing, and many have wonderful medicinal purposes as well. You can read about a couple I love to drink here.

My nighttime skincare routine
I promise I’m working on a blog post where I’ll break down my skincare routine, but anyways… I really do find calm in going through this routine every night. Am I excited to get off the couch and take off my makeup? Not necessarily. But once I’m in the swing of things I find it really relaxing, and I especially love applying my favorite face oil at the end. 


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