Pretty PJs that Won't Break the Bank

cute pajamas // Aerie Real
These PJs were from Aerie, but are sold out now. Quick tip: Aerie is always the first place I check for PJs & loungewear though!

This year I made an unofficial goal to up my pajama & loungewear game so that I would no longer like a bum around the house every night. Think oversized sorority t-shirts and Old Navy boxer shorts from college. Not cute. 

So, throughout the year I've been picking up an affordable pajama set or nightie here and there so that I look and feel a bit prettier when I get in bed at night, rather than feeling like a slob who's hiding in massive gray t-shirts. I'm sure Trey appreciates the bit of effort too! 

I'm not one to spend $100+ on pajamas (maybe I'll splurge on a nice silk set someday, who knows), so I gathered up some pretty PJs that won't break the bank.   

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