How (and why) I Became a More Positive Person

How I Became a More Positive Person
I used to be a Negative Nelly. No joke. I whined all the time, I found myself depressed and moody, I didn’t feel good, and looking back on that time in my life I just wasn’t the happy, positive, kind person I strive to be today. I think part of it was diet and lifestyle, part was not knowing how to take care of myself, but most of it was my mindset. I wasn’t putting in the effort to be positive or happy. So what changed?

When I met Trey I was blown away by how positive he was. He would go through adversity without getting down. He handled things with perspective and a positive outlook. I was blown away. 

I started to evaluate my life and how negative I was about the smallest of things. I didn’t like these qualities in other people, so why would I want to be like that? When I looked at the people who inspired me the most they had positive attitudes, and rarely complained. I had a pivotal moment in life where I decided I wanted to be more like this, and less like the negative, unhappy person I had been most of my life... I decided to change my entire outlook. 

Read on to see what I’ve done differently since then...

white high-waisted bikini // styled shoot with citrus
white high-waisted bikini
I’ve put in the effort to be positive.
I quickly learned that positivity is a daily choice. It’s not something you’re born’s something you decide on and then work at. I started making myself evaluate situations and then find the good. I discovered what made me happier and calmer and did more of those things. I became more self-aware to help keep myself from complaining incessantly. 

I’ve surrounded myself with positive people.
Over the years I’ve gotten more selective with who I have in my close circle. Positive people only please! We’ve all had that friend who drags us down, and honestly life is too short to get sucked into someone else’s negativity. Surrounding yourself with positive people and role models is one of the best things you can do in life - at least in my opinion. Out with the bad, in with the good. 

I’ve established better routines.
As menial as it sounds, creating better morning and nighttime routines has helped me feel more calm and happy in life. Even if my day is absolute craziness, I take at least 10 minutes every morning to quietly ease into the day by myself. I get my head right, I take part in activities I enjoy (hot water with lemon, reading or writing, diffusing essential oils, listening to a podcast), and fill my introvert’s cup. Instead of jumping straight into stress by rushing through my morning, I start my day with positive intention. At night I enjoy my skincare routine and getting into bed with Trey and the dogs. I no longer look at my phone in bed, and it’s become a peaceful + positive oasis for me. These routines put me in a better, more positive headspace! 

white bikini + a pretty hair scarf
styled shoot with a grapefruit
dress up a swimsuit with a hair scarf
Where am I today? Positivity is something I have to continually work at. I’ve learned it’s a daily choice. I think I’m still a complainer by nature, especially when I’m talking to someone I’m comfortable with. But I’m always working to be self-aware and recognize when I’m being negative. I try to step back and look at situations with a positive outlook and make sure I’m keeping things in perspective. I try to start each day with positivity. And it all adds up! 

Any former whiners out there? What do you do to be a more positive person?

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bikini c/o LA Hearts  |  hair scarf  |  hoop earrings

photos by Jo Johnson Photo

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